5 Ways To Make Money With Your Hobbies

What is your hobby?  If you want to start to earn some extra cash then finding ways to make money with your hobbies is a great place to start.  In this day and age you can turn virtually any hobby in to a money making business.  No matter what your hobbies are you can do this.


1.Teach Others Your hobbiesways-t-make-money-with-your-hobbies-7

Have you thought about teaching others what you know?  You can teach classes around your hobby.  This can be either one to one from your home or even at a local church hall.  As you begin to teach, you not only strengthen your skills around your hobby but also start to become an authority in the subject.  Imagine if you enjoy Pilates, well why not teach others!!


  1. Offer tutoring service to tech your hobby
  2. Coach others in groups or offer one to one service to share your hobby
  3. Write an ebook or a publish a book around your hobby
  4. Start to vlog – use YouTube to share your knowledge and make money
  5. Advertise on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest
  6. Set up a Facebook business

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2.Find A Job Around Your Hobbiesways-t-make-money-with-your-hobbies-3

A hobby to me is my distraction from my other work.  My hobbies are enjoyable and I look forward to doing them.  Imagine, a job around your hobby.  Finding a profession can now be more enjoyable as you are now looking for a job that really want to do.

Go out and see what jobs can be done around your hobby.  To make money with your hobbies, you need to be persistent and you may just end up finding a great career that you really love to do.


  1. Build a CV around your hobby and make sure that it is customised
  2. Make sure you have a killer cover letter
  3. Register with agencies
  4. Go online and search for jobs in the search engine on Google or Yahoo
  5. Target organisations that are around your hobby and apply directly to them
  6. Build an online profile on Linkedin
  7. Speak to other people that you know and word of mouth may get you an interview

3.Sell Products Around Your Hobbiesways-t-make-money-with-your-hobbies-4

This is a great opportunity to take your hobby to the next level.  Imagine if your hobby was say gardening, well you can offer your services as a garden planner or garden landscape ideas or a consultancy service to corporates on their landscaping around their offices.

The ideas are endless, to make money with your hobbies, you just need to think about how you can develop a product or service.


  1. You can sell products at art and crafts shows
  2. Go to church sales or farmers markets
  3. Contact other online bloggers or websites and sell through their network
  4. Visit local or national chains to sell through their retail network
  5. Create a DVD and sell online through Amazon
  6. Sell through eBay if you have a physical product
  7. Write articles and send them to websites to publish
  8. Give talks to various groups
  9. Sell through Shopify – an online platform where you can set up a shop
  10. Create an affiliate program and this can help expand your reach to gain more sales and customers

4.Start Up A Website Around Your Hobbyways-t-make-money-with-your-hobbies-5

Start up a website and share your knowledge with others.  Share your passion for the thing you love and enjoy.  You can sell ad space on your site or even charge readers to download instructions for products you have created.


  1. You can attract advertisers to your site
  2. You can be on-line and use other social media such as Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook all through your site
  3. You can build up a reputation around your hobby
  4. You can direct people to your site for more information
  5. Have Google’s AdSense on your site and make money
  6. Set up a monthly subscription service for readers

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5.Start Up A Blogways-t-make-money-with-your-hobbies-6

Similar to a website but you can stat to share your knowledge each week on your hobby and gain visitors who will end up following you.  You then can develop digital or physical products to sell or even just have a newsletter around your hobby.


  1. Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news to people. There are literally millions of blogs online.
  2. You can express yourself and also a fantastic way to share information with others around a topic that you love and have a passion for.
  3. You become a much more knowledgeable person and in the end a better writer.
  4. Finally, you can make money on a passive way – not bad eh!
  5. Your end results will be that you will increase your income, become an authority on the subject and attract a set of followers.
  6. Alternatively, get paid to write blogs for businesses that make money from your hobby, or magazines or websites that sell hobby-gear.

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Finally – make Your Hobby Work For You

Make money with your hobbies. Just note that starting out to turn your hobby in to a business is not hard as you already have the passion and skills but it will take work.  Then watch the results flow back to you.

Good luck.




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