6 Budget Friendly Ways to Save Money

If you want different ways to save money on a budget then this may just help you.  Saving money isn’t a matter of math, it’s a matter of priorities I feel.

Having healthy money habits is a life skill that you can learn and share with others.

With a few changes to your spending priorities, you can be on a fast track to saving money in no time.

1.Food Bill Each WeekFood-shopping-money

This is the easiest way to start working towards saving money. By changing the way you eat will not only reduce your outgoing but also can benefit your waistline.

Here are my key tips to reduce your food bill each week.

Stop eating out – this will save your hundreds as the months go by

Cook more meals at home

Cook your own lunch for work

Use grocery offers to stock up

By having more control of your food each week will dramatically save you money.  Start now to take control.

2.Television and Phone Packages

This is my second tip that has helped me.  Taking a review of the amount you are paying compared to the many offers that are around, you can save a lot of money.  Even look at other alternatives such as Netflix to catch up on your movies or to get your TV fix.

3.Review Your Monthly Expenditure

If you already on a budget, then you may have already set up a budget or cut the gym membership or no cable. If you conserve fuel, you may be able to cut back on the amount you spend on gas each month. Adjust your thermostat so that you are not paying as much in heating and cooling costs. It all adds up.

4.Find Ways to Save Money Each Month

If you’re breaking even every month and want to start building your savings, then either your income needs to increase or your spending needs to decrease. If you can apply the tips above then I am sure you can start to see some extra cash each month and this is the time to put that money away so that you feel good that your plan is working.

You are the very best person to review what and where to reduce your spending as each one of us are so different.  Take a review and start saving.

5.Avoid impulsive spending

This sounds easier than it looks.  There are two easy tricks that I use to reduce these impulsive buys to save thousands:

  • 1.Don’t pay with your credit card. I have read that  people who shop with credit cards pay 12% to 18% more than those who shop with cash.  Try this out and if you can follow this one tip alone can save you thousands each year.
  • Stick to a plan and stay focused. Make sure that you create a plan such as following some of the tips here and slowly, your mindset will change so that you don’t impulse buy anything and get this down to a bare minimum.

6.Increase Your Incomemoney-income

Finally, finding ways to save money on a budget is great but you need to review your income.

  • Consider new ways to increase your income. Here are a few ideas to get this idea going.
  • Earn extra income in your spare time
  • Start a home based business
  • By and sell second hand items and sell them on ebay
  • Start a blog

Rent out a spare room in the house


There are many different ways to save money on a budget and I hope the above has helped.

These are a few of the easiest and best ways to save money on a tight budget.

I guarantee if you implement a few of these, you’ll be amazed at the money you’ll free up in your monthly budget.

One final note never underestimate your outgoings, if you do, will defeat the entire purpose of setting a budget. Instead, keep a careful record of what you have and are likely to spend.




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