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Welcome to my website. My name is Sandip and I am supposed you could call me a seasoned on line businessman.  I love everything about online business (well Create-Money-From-Homealmost) and I have been engrained with working for myself since 2003.

I am not your typical rags to riches story, those are just annoying and you can head to any “make money fast” site online if you want to read that.  Instead I am going to explain exactly how I got acquainted with the world of online business and what my path looked like.

A Little Back Story

Growing up I was always a big dreamer….I knew I wanted to be great at something.  I just wasn’t sure what.  My first goal was to set up a business with a friend from college.  This was just a pipe dream and the this fizzled out very quickly.  I then went back to college and got my Master’s degree and then went to work for General Electric.

Move on 12 yeas later, I was in a great career working 12 hours a day and travelling to USA and Europe a lot, whilst being married with a young baby.  Whilst I was at work, I really wanted to get out of the rat race and started to think of what I can do on the side.

I Saw Others Succeeding, I Got to Work

I saw the light so to speak when I met a chap at work who was in real estate and showed me how to buy and where to rent properties.  This inspired me and so with my best friend, we went to start up a real estate business with the savings we had.

Over a period of the next two years, I had managed to buy over 10 properties and so I took the plunge to leave work and to take this up full time.  This was around 2003.  Over the next 5 years we had built up a huge portfolio which was doing well and kept me busy, whilst also having my second daughter born.  Things could not get any better for me!!!

Then Came The Unexpected

I will never forget this date but in 2009 my youngest daughter aged 4 was diagnosed with leukemia and this turned my life upside down.  Over the next two years, my had virtually sold all my properties and we were in and out of the hospital. This is where I had a lot of time to think.  I was off loading my properties whilst also dealing with the current situation – this was not a good time for me.  My daughter went through 2 and half years of treatment and fully recovered – yippee!!

The first holiday we had after four years was to visit New York and we all had a great time seeing the big apple.

Move on 5 Years

Then around 2014 I had realized that I wanted a business that is flexible where I can work from a lap top from anywhere in the world.  I did not want to have a business with stock.  This is where I journey in to the online business world started. I had spent hours and hours and days going through online to see what I can do and it was just a minefield that I got even more confused.

My Mission With Create Money From Home

Like the name, I want to bring a whole lot of reality to the world of online business world.  There is a lot of outdated and false information out there and there are a lot of “expectations” that people have without truly understand what is involved with an online business from home.

I am going to shine the light on working from home on line and provide a full spectrum of current, insightful and sometimes opinionated content that is based on my experience within this space.

I am speaking on behalf of an industry that can help you no matter where you are in life.

Join the journey with me.  Follow me.  Ask me for help.  Offer your own opinions.  Thanks for stopping by Create Money From Home and listening to my story. Your story can be as incredible and exciting with a little hard work and dedication.

Let’s make an online business at home magic.






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