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In the course, we will show you to how gain hundreds of new followers everyday on Instagram! How I did it and the different ways you can try.

Instagram currently has over 800 MILLION active users with more bands and businesses jumping on board every day. This is a platform you can’t afford to skip out on.

Through this course you will learn the latest Instagram marketing tactics on how to gain thousands of targeted and highly engaged followers. We will teach you how to produce quality content, decide when the best times for posting are, and how to optimize your account to better attract those highly engaged followers. We will also share with you the best way to go about selling on Instagram and how to start making a profit from your account!

This account is goring by over 1,500 followers a day!


What will we go over in this course?

  • How to setup an Instagram Account
  • How to produce an awesome bio
  • How to schedule posts and find viral posts
  • How to find out when to post on Instagram for the most engagement
  • How to gain hundreds of followers EVERYDAY
  • How to get huge amounts of engagement on your posts
  • How best to use Instagram stories
  • Understand the Gary Vaynerchuk strategy for growing accounts
  • How to make sales with Instagram
  • Understand IGTV and how to use it
  • How to create highlights for your stories
  • How to turn your followers in to money



  • You Should Have Access to Instagram
  • Ideally have a smart phone
  • You must send me your email address where you want the e-book delivered


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I offer 1 hour coaching calls for $47 (cheapest coaching call for the value you get back) Let me know which of the following you would like to discuss in the hour – I am happy to go through as much as possible to help you. Here is what I can cover:

1.How to automate your Instagram posting

2.How I get on to the explore page every time

3.Any advice you need to grow your account

4.The apps that I use to make Instagram easier to use.

5.2 unknown Instagram hacks that are amazing to get new followers that I use

6.The powerlikes services results that I have had

7.How to get 600 likes for less than $30 a month!!

8.How to find the best hashtags that work

9.A review of your account and ways to optimise for maximum growth

10.3 Advanced strategies that will get you followers for free

11.What is the best software to use to help you grow


  • You Should Have Access to Instagram
  • Ideally have a smart phone
  • The coaching call will be through Skype



$10 – First 1000 sold then It Will Go Up



$47 for one hour – Limited Time Only






This account is growing by over 1,000 followers every single day!




I will show you how I grew my Instagram accounts and this is not guaranteed that you will get the same results. I will show you what I did!


10 Ways To Be More Creative

Being creative is only easy when you have a process that you can follow.  What I want to show you is tools that you can use to be more creative in your life. 

Being creative is often thought of as a natural gift but I am here to show you that it is a skill that can be learned, developed and practiced.  There are many ways to be more creative in your life.

Firstly, the definition of Creative is “relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something to make new things or think of new ideas”.

The Benefits Of Being Creative

1.Expanded Sense Of Time.

Many artists have discussed the experience of timelessness that one encounters when in the creative zone.


Here’s an opportunity to return to that feeling of freedom such as we experienced in childhood. When was the last time you had permission to be clueless and not care about being right or looking good?

3.Enhanced Relationships

When we are actively creating, we feel better about our relationships. We tend to be more generous to others. We have more to give because we have answered our urge to create.

4.Energetic, Lighter Quality To Life

Call it a natural high or just a good mood. When we’ve done our creative work, we gain energy for our other responsibilities.

5.Allows For New Ideas 

New ideas can come from anywhere at any time. That ‘eureka’ moment is often not as a result of hard thought and pondering, but a stroke of luck from other more interesting tasks.  Creativity promotes clarity

6.Creativity Strengthens Critical Thinking

This can help you when doing tasks that may be more demanding.

7.Creativity Helps See the Big Picture

You will gain more clarity in what you are doing when you are more creative.

8.Faith And Confidence In Our Impulses

When we create, we recognize that our work does matter even if it is not published, displayed or presented to the public. We trust our instincts and gain confidence from expressing them. This confidence carries over into decisions we make in other areas of life.

9.Honouring The Source Of Creative Ideas

Where does creative inspiration come from? Some think it is God, or other divine source. We honour the gift of creative inspiration when we listen and act on our ideas, and by doing so, we are connecting to a deeper wisdom than our own.

10.Self-Knowledge And Discovery

Creativity is the route to authenticity. As we create, we plumb the depths of our being, accessing what we think and believe. You may be surprised at the resources, thoughts and impulses that you discover there.

10 Ways to Be More Creative


By sitting down and writing out fresh new ideas has the ability to make you more creative.  The brainstorm forces you to write for a period of time without stopping until you have say 10 new ideas.  The ideas will come of out of you and you will be surprised how powerful this technique is.

2.Keep a creative journal

Keep a spiral notebook with you at all times to capture ideas when you . It’s like keeping an art diary, and it’s for your eyes only, so you can record everything.

3.Create An Idea Treasure Chest

Collect images from magazines, quotes, postcards, etc. This can be anything that will stimulate future work. I do this all of the time.  I keep a a box with all pictures of things that inspire me.

Having a reservoir of creative content to dip in and out of, whether it’s project ideas or blog titles, provides a constant source of inspiration to play with.

4.Listen to Music

Don’t try to force creativity. Just be okay with the lull. Most times it’s a great incubation period and ideas will surface later. The tank will fill again.  Listen to music while you work can help get the creative juices flowing for you.

5.Do Something Different And Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Distract yourself temporarily, and see if some time away allows you to recapture your excitement for the project. If you can’t get enthused, put the project away for even longer, or just move on.  Go outside, explore museums, visit art galleries, go for long walks; it’s not always about hands-on making and doing, sometimes it’s just about getting outside and enjoying life.

6.Review your results

You may have created something that isn’t quite right. Or it’s not the final version of what you want to submit. Consider it a practice piece and remove the pressure of it being the final version.  Review what you have done and then start again with a fresh perspective.

7.Read Books

Whether you’re looking to build your creative confidence or seeking a little encouragement to maintain your creativity, there are several books that will help you on your mission to live a more creative life.

8.Try New Things – If you find your current creative hobbies are growing stagnant and no longer hold your interest or you’re struggling for inspiration, try new things and explore new ideas.

9.Attend Events

There is only so much we can do alone, attend events where you can meet like minded people and get involved with the creative community. Join a class, visit designer-maker markets, and go to creative talks.  Surrounding ourselves with creative people and becoming an active member of the community will help us live a more creative life.

10.Reach Out To People

Making creative friends and building a support network is super important for creating a more creative life and surrounding ourselves with encouraging, supportive friends. Seek out inspiring creatives, reach out to them, and engage in the conversations taking place online.

11.Take Time off

Taking time away from work or your problem can help you be more creative.  This has helped me in life many times on ways to be more creative, just remember Creativity fills the space that stress occupies in day-to-day life.    If you can escape your comfort zone and maybe get away from your work, this will allow more new creative ideas to flow to you.  Think about when you go on holiday – you seem to leave all your problems at home and whilst on holiday, you may be an idea that can help you or a solution to your problem.

Finally -Be More Creative – Give It A Try

Even if you take just one idea from the above, it will help you be more creative.

Finally, try turning creativity into a game, and give yourself rules. If you have to solve a problem, set a timer for ten minutes, and see how many solutions you can come up with before the alarm goes off. Even if most of them are terrible, you might end up with one that works

Good luck.

 PS  – 10 Quotes To Be More Creative

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” – Oscar Wilde

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” – Sylvia Plath

“Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.” – Dee Hock

“‘Keeping busy’ is the remedy for all ills. It’s also the means by which creative impulse is destroyed.” – Joyce Carol Oates

“The first draft of anything is sh*t.” – Ernest Hemingway

“This is how you do it: You sit down at the keyboard and you put one word after another until it’s done. It’s that easy, and that hard.” – Neil Gaiman

“Creative works may indeed by kind of like property, but it’s property that we’re all building on.” – Kirby Ferguson

“The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses.” – Edith Södergran

“The thing is to become a master and, in your old age, to acquire the courage to do what children did when they knew nothing.” – Ernest Hemingway

“Never put off writing until you are better at it.” – Gary Henderson

“The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.” – Pablo Picasso

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” – e.e. cummings

101 Successful Home Business Ideas – You Can Start Today!


Are you struggling to come up Successful home business ideas?  I have put together 101 ideas that you can read through and see what takes your fancy.

Of the hot business trends for 2015 we’ve picked out those that are particularly well suited to a home business. In all cases the majority of the work could be carried out in your own home and with little initial investment.


Some are easier then others, but if you really want to start a business from home then try and pick an idea or two that is around your skills or hobby.


Blogging isn’t just a fun online activity to feed our narcissistic tendencies- it’s also a clever internet business idea.

A quality blog with a loyal audience can earn decent dough by partnering with advertisers, whether through Google AdWords, affiliate partners, or through sponsored blog posts.

Monetizing a blog isn’t easy by any means, but if you have the passion and are writing about a unique niche, blogging is definitely a smart online-business idea to consider.


I learned to blog with Wealthy Affiliate and they really do know what they are doing and have helped over one million people.  Click here.

2.Sell on Etsy

If you’re even a bit artistically inclined, selling products on Etsy can be a great work-from-home business.

Users love checking out Etsy for unique specialty gifts, and many customers appreciate how easy it is to order custom pieces from Etsy stores.

See what’s selling out on Etsy and consider whether you may be able to offer something similar.  You can set up your own shop in Etsy.


If you’re looking to start your own business, think about what skills you have, career experts said.

“Ask yourself, ‘What’s my passion?” career and life coach Deborah Brown-Volkman said. “People want control over their career, and so creating their own business for under $1,000 gives them the ability to test it out, to see what works and what doesn’t.”

3.College Prep Consulting

If you have experience with the college application and financial aid process, you can help others navigate the process by offering your services as a consultant.

4.Dog Walker

Love pets and getting some exercise? Dog walking is an easy business to start. Pet business insurance will make up the majority of your expenses, which usually cost $200 to 400 a month, according to one pet business insurance provider. You can make your own leaflets, to advertise.


Dog walkers typically make $8 to $20 an hour, with an average wage of $12.03.

5.Professional Organizer

If you have a knack for turning clutter into cleanliness, why not try turning that into cash? The median hourly salary for a professional organizer is $25.

6.Fashion Stylist

A great place to start is by styling a few of your friends for a party, and then encouraging them to tell their friends.

Soon you could have your own fashion business and be making a median of $15 an hour to above $40 once as you gain experience.


Multilingual entrepreneurs, this business is for you.

Whether you want to take up projects people post online, approach companies or start-ups that do a lot of international business or check local job postings, there are multiple ways to start building your own translation business.

Translators make a median income of $20 per hour.

8.Freelance Photographer

If you’re a stay-at-home parent with a knack for photography, creating family portraits or photographing events for people in your neighbourhood could be the start of a fruitful business.

The trick here is that you’ll probably need to have a nice camera, a tripod and equipment insurance — the total cost of which will most likely exceed $1,000.

If you can get a deal on a good camera at a lower price or already have the equipment, then the start-up costs are low. Freelance photographers make a median of $24 per hour.

9.Errand Runner

Lots of people don’t have the time to run errands daily, and a local errand service business could be a great solution. Errand runners make about $11 per hour.


From video shoots to audio interviews or speeches, there’s a lot out there that needs to be transcribed. If you’re a good typist with a few extra hours and a computer, you could start your own transcription service. The median hourly wage for transcribers is $15.

11.Freelance Writer

Companies and content websites need good content, and you want to start your own business. Consider starting your own business as a freelance writer. Have a look at some of the benefits.


Freelance writers typically are paid by the post or project, so wages can vary.

12.Jewellery Maker

Jewellery makers would most likely make money on sales and projects, as opposed to hourly wages.

Platforms for selling homemade goods like Etsy or eBay are a benchmark of what you could expect to charge for your products.

13.Avon or Tupperware Sales Person

Independent sales representatives for companies like Avon or Tupperware don’t have to worry about creating a product or inventing a business structure.

If you like talking with people, this social business could be for you. Incomes differ based on the company you work for and the amount of sales you make.

14.Makeup Artist

If you’re a professional makeup artist or hairdresser at a salon, you could earn extra income by setting up your own side business.

If you love makeup or hair care but aren’t an expert, consider investing in a class or certificate program.

Talk with professionals to find what they recommend, experts said. Makeup artists earn a median salary of $16per hour, while hairdressers earn a median of $9.

15.Virtual Assistant

Organized self-starters could find good work being a virtual assistant, a person who does all the things an assistant would normally do, just via the internet and phone.

Look at some of the key benefits of becoming a virtual assistant.


Virtual assistants earn a median salary of $16per hour.

16.Personal Chef

Roll up your sleeves and break out the spices. A personal culinary business where you are a chef for private parties could be a delicious venture. Personal chefs make a median of $20 per hour.

17.Personal Shopper

If you love to shop or are interested in fashion retail, starting a personal shopping business could be a great fit. Personal shoppers earn a median of $14 an hour.

18.Graphic Designer

Graphic design has to be frustrating for a nondesigner.

However, if you are creative and have a flair for being more visual then this may be an areas you may want to consider.

Look at this guide.


While there are free design tools out there, many do not offer customization or the insight an expert would.

That’s where your business could come in. Graphic designers make a median of $15 per hour, which you can factor into project prices.

19.UI/UX Designer

This one’s a little more obscure to the average entrepreneur than the others. User interface (UI) design and user experience design (UX) make sure your website or app is user friendly, intuitive and visually pleasing among other things.

UI designers make a median of $32 per hour while UX designers make a median of $35 per hour.

20.Social Media Manager

Many small companies or other entrepreneurs can’t afford to have a social media manager or marketing team.

Starting a social media company where you manage part-time or full-time other people’s accounts could be a profitable gig.

Social media managers make a median of $14 per hour.


“Every industry could have a consultant. In order to be a successful consultant, you need to have some sort of success in that particular field,” career expert Jill Jacinto said.

As a consultant, you could help businesses make contacts, form deals and guide their strategic plan as a consultant. This job has a median salary of $20 per hour.

22.PR Professional

Have experience in a particular field? Recently retired?

You likely have a lot of contacts and expertise in a specific industry, which you could leverage for your own venture.

PR managers work with the media, government agencies and advertisers. They typically make $20 per hour.

23.Wedding Planner

If you love detail and decor and don’t mind the stress of dealing with last-minute changes, a wedding planning business could be a great fit.

Wedding planners earn a median of $17 per hour or more once you start to gain authority.

24.Event Planner

Weddings aren’t the only events that need planning.


Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties are just a few of many events people need help organizing. Event planners make a median of $17 per hour.

25.Property Manager for a Home

This job is replacing what used to be known as the butler, experts said.

A property manager looks after a household and ensures all property activities run smoothly.

The manager would get the mail, do the laundry, stock the fridge, work with other professionals like gardeners and cleaning assistants.

It’s especially helpful for people who own multiple properties and don’t have time to look after them.

Property managers could make anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 per year, experts said.


While a personal chef usually caters to smaller groups, caterers prepare meals for big events.

If you’re a great cook who can handle multiple meals cooking at once, you could start your own catering business. Personal caterers make a median of $11 per hour.

27.Personal Trainer

Insurance is something you’ll need at the outset with this business.


If you love to work out, look into certifications you could get to become a personal trainer. If you’re already certified, even better! Personal trainers make a median of $18 per hour.


If you’re a certified accountant, you could start your own practice.

Accountants make a median of $18 per hour and again more once you start to gain more clients and build a reputation for quality services.

29.Copy Editor

Business pamphlets, grant proposals and blog posts all need copy editing. Why not take your literacy and grammar skills to the market? Copy editors make a median of $18 per hour.

30.eBay Seller

eBay seems as ancient as a dinosaur in today’s fast-moving webiverse, but it’s still the top online auction marketplace, where users go to order collectibles, rare goods, and other items.

Building a solid reputation on eBay can take some time, as most sales go to the power sellers who have established five-star ratings.

Still, if you can acquire the goods no one else has, you can make a nice income reselling items on eBay.

Read this guide on how to set up an eBay store.

Click to Enlarge.

Scour local goodwill stores/charity shops and garage sales for antiques or high-demand niche items that can earn a decent price tag online.

Pick a specific niche, research it, and become an expert so you know exactly what kinds of products to look for and what they’re worth online.

31.Become a YouTube Star

There are thousands of online users who work from home and make an internet living creating YouTube videos.

In fact, PewDiePie, YouTube’s most famous online celeb, makes millions a year with his wildly ridiculous videogame playthroughs.

All right, pick your jaw off the floor-I’ll tell you how this happens. You’re probably all too aware of those obnoxious video ads on YouTube that are shown before the video that you really want to watch.

YouTube makes a ton of revenue from these video ad rolls, and when a user has a large enough subscriber base, he or she is invited to join YouTube’s partnership program, allowing the user to grab a piece of the advertising pie.


Some YouTube stars, like makeup tutorial master Michelle Phan, make money from YouTube advertising plus sponsorship deals with various products that they recommend in their videos.

Becoming a known person of interest on YouTube is tough work, and earning views and subscribers is competitive, as more people are getting dollar-sign eyeballs when they see what the big YouTube power users make.

Still, if you have something unique to bring to the table or have a great onscreen personality, YouTube could be the spot for you to make your millions (from the comfort of your own home, no less)!

32.Amazon Affiliate Business

Not many people realize that Amazon actually has a pretty cool commission program.

That’s right, Amazon will dish out commissions to websites that refer customers to its site.


Join the Amazon Associates Program, create a website reviewing or promoting various products (with links to where users can buy the items on Amazon), and get a nice little cut if users complete an Amazon order.

Some affiliate marketers don’t love working with Amazon, because the payout can be small compared with other sites.

Amazon starts you off with 4 percent, but that can become as high as 8.5 percent, depending on how many orders are made through your links.

33.Web Developer

Web developing is another specialized skill in which you can make a decent living as a freelancer. Everyone needs web assistance, and if you’ve got the technical know-how, you can easily start your own work-from-home web-dev online business.

34.Small Trading Company

Most popular and highly demanded items in such business include readymade garment, toys, gifts, flowers, stationary, but you can add more as per demand of your locality.

35.Food Kiosk

It’s probably an idea that can work just anywhere, so why not to try near your town centre. Start with a kiosk of sandwiches, smoothies, wraps and whatever else you can offer!

36.Small Garage

Almost every vehicle has to get some fixing multiple times in a year and if you know the automotive engineering well, your own auto workshop can be the best business!

37.Printing & Binding

Well, this kind of business works better in the areas with more business activities, i.e. offices etc. or nearby government offices. Start small with Xerox center and print out & binding and grow it as it starts paying off.

38.Mobile Beauty Parlour

All you need is to have basic accessories and equipment and can offer at home service!

This is a great infographic for help marketing your mobile beauty salon.


38.Organic Gardening

It’s one good business idea for those who have space to grow plants.

Organic items are much in demand in almost every big grocery shop, so selling them is not a problem!

40.Home Based Fitness Center

Even if you have a single available room in your house, you can turn it into a fitness center, i.e. either as a small gym or else as a Yoga center or dance classes etc.

41.Coaching Classes

It can be anything that you are expert in, i.e. English Language, Accounting, Cooking, Music, Arts etc.

42.Handmade Stuff

These are much in demand almost everywhere, let it be decorative items, handicraft, bags, stitching, embroidered clothes etc.

43.Baking or Special Orders Cakes

Birthdays, anniversaries and many other such events that cannot be complete without a cake happen on daily basis.

If you are good at making custom cakes, it’s going to earn you really good money!

44.Photographer on Demand

If you’re much in photography, it can prove to be a very good revenue system.

All you need to invest is buying a professional camera and start photographing weddings to take more orders right from there.

45.Become a Speaker and Coach Others

Do you have the gift to motivate and inspire people? Are you an expert in your field?

Do you have the gift to talk to people you don’t know?

Take your knowledge and expertise and speak to groups on how they can make improvements in their life and career.

46.Pet Care

Many people consider their pets to be family, and pet owners are often more than willing to shell out some serious money for Fido or Princess Pie.

Whether you want to start a pet grooming, pet sitting, pet walking, or even a pet photography business, there are plenty of profitable from-home businesses you can manage in the pet care industry.


Naturally, a love of animals is mandatory!

47.Freelance Copywriter

Online businesses are becoming increasingly more dependent on content to delight and attract website visitors.

However, not everyone is a born writer, which is why businesses are always looking for freelance writers and editors to help craft and polish quality online content.

Often businesses are happy to work with remote freelance writers, which means you can potentially work from anywhere in the world! If you’re a knowledgeable wordsmith, freelance copywriting can be a great home-business idea.

48.Write an eBook

E-books have made self-publishing a real income-generating option for writers who previously may have had trouble partnering with big-name publishers.

If you have in-depth knowledge about a specific topic, crafting a well-written, informative e-book and selling it online can be a great way to supplement your regular income.

49.Grant Writer

Grant writing is essential for nonprofit companies looking to gather much-needed funds. Learn all you need to know about grant writing and start taking clients!

You’ll be earning a living while doing good work by helping nonprofits bring in the money they need.

50.Social Media Manager

Nearly all businesses understand the importance of maintaining a social media presence, but not everyone can afford to bring in a full-time social media manager.

Contract yourself out as a social media manager and spend your days tweeting, posting to Facebook, and snapping Instagram pics.

If social media is your second skin, this could be a great home-based business idea for you.

51.Recruiter – Help Others Get a Job

Can you sniff out good talent? Assist companies with finding the best and most qualified applicants for a job.

You can assist with recruiting, interviewing, negotiating and coming up with a strategic plan to get vacant positions filled.

52.Technical Support

If you’re trained in computer hardware, approaching local schools, colleges, local public etc. can actually make it a full time business for you.

Offer them to service their machines via Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) and everyone will be happy while you’ll get a steady cash flow.

53.Targeted eCommerce Site

By targeted I mean, something that sells just one a few items only, i.e. custom T-shirts, printed mugs, unique photo frames etc.

54.Event Management Company

Staring a small event management company is wise idea for those who love this kind of outdoor and on the go work.


Starting small by organizing a local festival can get you on the go and then you can grow it big with time.

55.Real Estate Agent

Are you good at sales? And know your geographic area well?

Real Estate Agents help clients buy and sell homes.

Training takes around 150 hours of course work but often times it can be done at home, at night or on the weekends.

56.Tech/Gadgets Repair Shop

There is a big market for tech and gadgets at every place throughout the world and they get problems as well.

If you know the solutions and can fix things up, turn your skill into proper business.

57.Travel & Adventure

People who are keen to see the most beautiful places and if you excel in managing tours and trips then starting an adventure travel company seems like a very viable idea.

Showcase the people how beautiful the world is using your services.

58.Paying Guest Service

Most cities host a lot of people from other cities who are here either for work or for study and they need affordable living with a feeling of home.

Majority of the paying guest services lack professionalism and if you are able to do it right, it can transform into a good business for you.

59.Car Cleaning/Valeting Service

It can turn out to be a good business if you start specialized car cleaning and valet services.

However, you must guarantee them best quality services.

61.Flower Delivery Service

Thousands of people have birthdays daily and more number of people want to wish them.

Try offering them flower delivery service for the same and they’ll surely like the idea!

62.Handyman Services

If you know your toolkit in detail, there is no big deal in starting this business.

63.Niche Blogging Around Your Hobby

Just like any other big city, niche blogging can prove to be a successful business around your hobby.

All you need to do is to write about your expertise and publish it online and people will follow your blog and money will pour in.

It takes time and effort but a great way to earn money online from home.

64.Website Designing & Development

As the World Wide Web is spreading, web designing and development has emerged as one of the fastest growing businesses.

If you have knowledge of online tools and website development, consider doing it full time as it can be a profitable business.

65.Cleaning Service

Everyone wants a clean house, but many people don’t have the time or desire to do it themselves (most of us are just waiting for Roombas to become more affordable while we drown in dust).

Starting your own housecleaning service is another great home-business idea, although of course this job requires travel and can’t strictly be done from home-you’ll mostly be in other people’s homes.


If you’ve got a streak of contracting experience under your belt, you may want to consider starting a handyman service.

Your assignments may vary dramatically, from installing a kitchen counter faucet to refinishing an outdoor deck.

If a variety of projects sounds exciting to you, consider a future as a for-hire handyman!

67.School Tutor

Many parents seek out tutors to help students with schoolwork in areas they are struggling with.

Consider hiring yourself out as a math, literature, or science tutor (or whatever else the kids are learning these days).

Experience with kids and with schools is a major plus here.

68.Language Tutor

If you’re a native English speaker, you’re in luck-there are tons of foreigners looking to practice their English skills, and you can help them simply by engaging in conversation.

Even foreigners with years of English lessons often are looking to develop their conversation skills.


Meet at a coffee shop or even offer Skype sessions.

No teaching experience required (although time in a classroom would provide a major advantage).

69.License Your Photos

Have you ever wondered how you could make money taking pictures?

Do you have an eye when it comes to taking good photographs?

If so, check out a site like Shutterstock where you can send them your pictures and if approved, each time one of their clients downloads one of your photos you get a paid a royalty.

70.Create a Mobile App

If you are a bit techie and can come up with some unique ideas for mobile apps, or improve upon an existing app that will help people make their lives better, you may land yourself a great source of passive income.

Every app on your phone is making money for somebody, somewhere. For instance, Joel Comm made over $1Million from his iFart app.


We won’t even talk about the ridiculous money that Angry Birds brought in.

While these are the exceptions, there are plenty of people making thousands of dollars per month with their mobile apps.

71.Rent Your Car for Ad Space

How would you like to make money just for driving your car and not have to pick up any passengers?

By allowing companies to place advertisements on your car windows, you can earn a few hundred dollars each month simply by driving your car around town.

Check out Carvertise to see how you might be able to make passive income by wrapping your car with

72.Buy an Existing Online Business

The beauty of an online business is that most will allow you to work from anywhere.

Starting one from scratch can take a lot of time and resources, so why not consider buying an already established online business?

Websites such as Biz Buy Sell have hundreds of online business listings that are for sale in varying price ranges.

Check to see if there is an online business for sale that is in line with your passions or hobbies. Because if you are going to be working, why not do something you actually enjoy doing.

Successful home business ideas will come to those who make the effort to take action.

73.Buy a Laundromat

Here’s another turnkey passive income business idea.

Many cities have established laundromats that are available for sale. Here is how it would work: you buy the already existing business, make sure that you have someone to manage the day-to-day operations, and then “soak up” the profits.

The reason why you would want to buy an existing one and not start one from scratch is that the startup costs are pretty high.

Commercial washers and dryers are not cheap, so it makes a lot more financial sense to buy an already established laundromat than starting from ground zero.

74.Open a Betting Cage

I am shocked by the lack of batting cage facilities.

Baseball is one of the most popular sports for kids in America, yet, batting cages are hard to come by depending on where you live.

Something to be aware of though, is that these can require a lot of money up front.

You will have to have a big facility, equipment, and someone to open and close.

So make sure to do your due diligence before you invest too much money in this endeavour.

75.Product Design

Another way you can make passive income is by designing t-shirts and other products even with no prior design skills.

Some sites allow you to upload your witty design ideas and then create t-shirts, coffee mugs, laptop covers and a slew of other products.

Shoppers then visit the site, check out your products, and when they purchase one of your designs, Red Bubble will pay you a portion of the profits.

76.House or Pet Sitting

One of the easiest ways to literally make money while you sleep is by house and pet sitting.

You have to live and sleep somewhere, so why not get paid to stay at someone else’s house and/or pet sit while they’re on vacation?


Provided there are no unreasonable home maintenance expectations, house or pet sitting can be a great way to put some extra income in your pocket.

While not totally passive, it beats having to get a job and is pretty easy.

77.Errand Runner

Lots of people don’t have the time to run errands daily, and a local errand service business could be a great solution. Errand runners make about $11 per hour.


From video shoots to audio interviews or speeches, there’s a lot out there that needs to be transcribed. If you’re a good typist with a few extra hours and a computer, you could start your own transcription service.

The median hourly wage for transcribers is $15.

79.Freelance Writer

Companies and content websites need good content, and you want to start your own business. Consider starting your own business as a freelance writer.

Freelance writers typically are paid by the post or project, so wages can vary.

80.Party Clown or Party Entertainer

Being a clown for kids’ birthday parties and similar events can be a fun job if you enjoy entertaining and working with children.

You’ll, of course, need to leave your home for the actual events.

But you can do the booking and prep work from home.

81.Dog Grooming or All Pet Grooming Services

Love dogs? In fact do you love all animals?


If you have some basic supplies, you can set up a dog/pet grooming business in your home where you’ll have the opportunity to work with plenty of different canine companions.

82.Jam Seller

How about making jam or other canned goods is more of your specialty, you could consider creating your own line of those products for sale.

83.Personal Shopper

If you love to shop or are interested in fashion retail, starting a personal shopping business could be a great fit. Personal shoppers earn a median of $14 an hour.

84.Portrait Photographer

Families are looking for expert photographers to preserve memories and milestones in their lives, whether it’s their baby’s first Christmas or Uncle Fred’s 70th birthday.

Photographers can take clients in the comfort of their own home, provided they have the space and the studio equipment available.

85.Give Music Lessons

Parents are often seeking out instructors to help their children develop musical talent.

Sure, some parents may be just trying to make their kids appear well rounded on college applications, but there are also plenty of students looking for a rewarding skill to last them into adulthood.

If you have some musical skills, considering taking on pupils for music lessons. Since you’re teaching a specialized skill, you can earn a decent hourly rate.

The more specialized the instrument, the better (you can probably charge a fair bit more teaching the French horn than the piano).

Consider doing home visits; you may be able to charge an even higher premium.

86.Any Specialized Skill – Successful Home Business Ideas

You can start a home-based business around just about any specialized skill you possess.

If you have knowledge that others want, you can likely capitalize on it.

Sit down and brainstorm a few great home-business ideas that you may want to consider.

Remember that starting your own home business requires an organized and self-efficient individual. If that sounds like you, go for it-you’ll be working from home in no time.

87.Hand Made Products

Make a collection of your own products and then sell them on eBay or Amazon.

88.Flea Market Vendor

You can also sell a variety of different items at flea markets in your area.

You can create a regular schedule or just sell at flea markets whenever you have extra time on the weekends.

89.Resume Services

Or you can focus on helping those who are entering the job force by helping them put together their resumes or cover letters for job applications.



For those who enjoy spending time outdoors, you can build a business by offering gardening services to local homeowners who want help maintaining their outdoor spaces.

91.Grant Writing

Or if you want to help charity organizations or other groups get funding, you can start a business that offers grant writing services on a freelance or contract basis.

92.Medical Billing

Medical facilities often outsource things like coding and billing to businesses or freelancers. So if you have experience in that area, you can build a business and work with those medical facilities to provide coding and billing services.

93.Clothing Design

If you have an eye for design, you can start your own clothing line and create items to sell online or even to local boutiques.

94.Clothing Alteration

Or if you’d rather work with clothing pieces that are already constructed, you can have people bring you their items and you can provide alteration or repair services.

95.T-shirt Design

More specifically, if you have an idea for a fun t-shirt design, you can easily use an online service like CafePress or Redbubble to print and sell t-shirts and other items.

96.Life Coaching

You can also start your own business helping individuals with various areas of life, from relationships to finance, by becoming a life coach.

97.Baby Planner

If you adore babies and have experience in what it takes to raise a family then why not give consulting services for new and expectant parents.


Creating beautiful flower arrangements can be a fun activity for anyone with an eye for design and a love of plants.

And you can turn that activity into a career by selling flower arrangements and other plants that you create in your home.

99.Public Relations

If you want to work with business clients, you can start a business that offers public relations services and then build a base of clients in your area of expertise.

100.Antique Store Ownership

For those entrepreneurs who want to start a business with a physical location, opening an antique store or mall can be fairly straightforward. And you can also set hours that work with your family responsibilities.

101.Face Painter

Are you a talented painter? Do you enjoy working with children?

Take your painting talents to birthday parties, carnivals, amusement parks, company picnics, zoos and more.


I hope that you found this post on Successful home business ideas useful.

Pick a few ideas and give them a try.

Good luck.




151 Call To Action Phrases and Examples


Once you have done the hard work of attracting traffic to your site then how do you get people to the next phrase, be it capturing their email, buying a product or reading other posts.

This is where call to action phrases and examples which I will show you, will help you get to the next level.

A call-to-action (usually abbreviated as CTA) is an image or line of text that prompts your visitors, leads, and customers to take action.

CTA is ignored by 70% of businesses.


It is, quite literally, a “call” to take an “action.”  This is what we want.

The action you want people to take could be anything: get a coupon, attend one of your seminars, download your ebook from your site or from amazon, sign up for a webinar, get a coupon, etc.

A CTA can be placed anywhere in your post or another part of your blog/website – in an ebook, in an email, or even at the end of a blog post or on the sidebar of the site.

Here is a few examples to help you.


As you can, you are directed to take action to the next step.  Here are a few more to really drive the point home.


Most blogs are starting to have Landing pages and the main reasons why most of them do not work is that they have a weak call to action and hence no urgency – the reader will simply ignore and move on.

In this post I will show you 51 Call To Action Phrases and Examples for you.  Using any of these will accomplish your goal which is to increase attracting loyal readers, closing sales, click through rates and increase in leads.

51 Tricks on How You Can Promote Your Website

Why Do You Need Call To Actions? – 8 Statistics

1. More than 90% of visitors who read your headline also read your CTA copy. (Unbounce)

2.Emails with a single call-to-action increased clicks 371% and sales 1617%. (WordStream)

3.Adding CTAs to your Facebook page can increase click-through rate by 285%. (AdRoll)

4.By forcing visitors to watch an informational video on their services before presenting a CTAKimberly Snyder increased conversions by 144%. (QuickSprout)

5.For KISSmetrics, a CTA within a video gets 380% more clicks than their normal sidebar CTAs. (QuickSprout)

4.Crafting the perfect call-to-action is one thing — getting the right people to click it is another. According to Go-Globe, “47% of websites have a clear call-to-action button that takes users 3 seconds or less to see.”

5.Grow & Convert estimates conversion rates for certain CTA locations:

  • Sidebar: 0.5 – 1.5%
  • Generic, end-of-post: 0.5 – 1.5%
  • Pop-ups: 1 – 8%
  • Sliders and bars: 1 – 5%
  • Welcome gates: 10 – 25%
  • Featurebox: 3 – 9%
  • Navbar: varies

6.Adding CTA buttons to article templates increased revenue by 83% in one month.

7.Ecommerce conversion rate increased 22% quarter over quarter.

8.Average order value for blog readers increased 49% quarter over quarter.

One thing I want to point out before I show you 151 Call To Action Phrases and Examples is that there is a fine line between being pushy and taking the right tone.

10 Tips For Creating Irresistible Call to Actions

1.Make It Stand Out

In a letter or text email, for example, the CTA can be in larger type, color or bold.

On a website or blog it can be designed into a colourful, attention-getting button.

This is clear and simple.


In any case, however, keep the page clean and simple.

Focused marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot offer special tools and services to help small businesses create powerful CTAs.

You can create your own CTA buttons for free at

2.Use Links Liberally

Always link logos and product photos to your desired landing page or shopping cart.

And don’t forget to label your photos with descriptive “ALT” tags. This stands for “alternative text” which will appear in someone’s browser or email if the image is not available.

3.Make it Easy

There are few things more counterproductive than a complicated call to action. You want your users to take action, but if that action is too difficult, you won’t get very far.

For example, if a contact form has too many fields to fill out, chances are the majority of people will give up.

This is simple and easy for the user.


Contrarily, if the form only has users fill in their name and email, it will be much easier.

Likewise, the call to action shouldn’t request too much of someone. As a general rule, it should only include one or two steps. After that, people lose interest.

4.Give An Incentive

How does a client or prospect benefit from doing what you are telling them to do? What do they get out of the deal?

Viewers are going to be more likely to take action if there is something in it for them.


This could be showcasing what you include in your newsletter or a free first meeting. If possible, include a “first customer only” deal.

5.Keep Your Target Public In Mind

Creating a call to action doesn’t mean launching an offer and waiting for someone to see it, but rather creating and offering valuable content to each person you want to attract.

In the next example, the reader will get Free Exclusive Traffic Tips which very much niche.


For this reason, you should know what your target public needs and what their interests and desires are, segment them and develop your calls to action based on this.

Think about larger attraction resulting in larger conversions.

6.Place The Call To Action In The Right Place

Make sure your call to action is in the right place on the page. Generally, it should be listed near the top of the page so that your audience won’t need to scroll down to see it.

A great place to have your call to action is at the top of the site.  There was a study done by Content Verve who showed 304% more conversions with a call to action at the top of the page as opposed the bottom.


Ideally, centre it at the top as the reader’s eye will automatically go to it. Surrounding the call to action with white or empty space will also help it to stand out from other elements on the page and catch the reader’s eye.

7.Include a Single, Direct Action

After you’ve outlined your offer and the way it helps your customer, call for him or her to take a single, direct action. This should take the form of a command statement that uses an action verb and urgent language.


Examples of action verbs for calls to action are:

  1. Subscribe
  2. Call
  3. Donate
  4. Download
  5. Buy
  6. Register

To create a sense of urgency, combine your verb with words and phrases like:

  1. For a short time
  2. Now!
  3. Expires
  4. Limited time only

Many websites contain multiple objectives, which is to be expected with a variety of products and services, and different audience segments.

Multiple objectives are okay, as long as you do not put several calls to action on the same page.

This is a good example of two call to actions to choose from.


If you give too many options at once, visitors are likely to get distracted or overwhelmed and ultimately leave your website without making any choices.

If you do have multiple objectives, include the options on different pages, so that the different paths you’re creating different visitors do not cross.

8.Create Urgency

You want visitors on your site to carry out the desired actions with as little thought as possible.

While you don’t want to deceive your visitors, the more opportunities you give them to stop and consider what they’re doing, the more opportunities you’re giving them to say “no”.

You want your buttons to give them the impression that they need to act right away. You want to encourage them to make their decision immediately, on the spur of the moment.


While this won’t work for every call to action button (especially those to purchase high-ticket items), for low-cost or free actions, having visitors click with little forethought is desirable.

An example is will have CTAs displayed on their website most days if not everyday, they usually have a timer on the top counting down with their CTA usually next day delivery for free or very cheap. “HURRY £1 NEXT DAY DELIVERY ENDS IN 2h 28m 44s” making customers purchase items they most likely don’t need but want that limited time offer.

There are other ways of creating this urgency, usually using these type of phrases but with different times and dates.

  • “Offer expires on Easter”
  • “For a limited time only”
  • “Act now before stock runs out”
  • “Respond before 30th April to receive this product at this low price”

Make sure that you consider the following when looking at your call to action urgency:

Encourage your visitors to act immediately

Don’t give your visitors any reason to pause

While urgency is important, don’t mislead your visitors in any way

9.Use Icons and Images 

Including visual cues in your call to action buttons can also help to increase conversion rates. An icon of a shopping cart on an “add to cart” button, for instance, or an arrow on a download button are both good examples.

Think of unique icons to use, too, but make sure that the icon adds to the user experience by clarifying what the button is for, and doesn’t add any confusion.


  • Make sure the icons you use help clarify your button’s meaning, rather than confuse it
  • Easily-recognized icons can immediately indicate meaning to your visitors
  • Don’t be afraid to use less-commonly used icons, as long as their meaning is still clear

10.Use Colours For Your CTA

To draw attention to your CTA it should have colours whether there are multiple or only two colours.

In the next example, you can clearly see the RED boxes where the reader can click further.  Bold and striking.


Colours can contrast, blend and attract potential customers, colours can symbolise what they want to offer and the target market for example the colour yellow is very eye catching and bright, this usually attracts “window shoppers” and the younger members of the public.

11.Make Your Call To Action Big And Easy To View

It probably sounds silly but a lot of companies fall on their CTA because it’s unnoticeable, for example when Starbucks were introducing the “Pumpkin spice latte” especially for Autumn their homepage consisted of a red background, an image of their pumpkin spice latte and these words “Fall in love with Fall again” with the ingredients listed below.


They had a button which was their CTA “Get cozy” the button was also red and white like their background and words, this is a poor example because the button blends in with the colours so it doesn’t catch the viewer’s eye, once the button is clicked it comes to another page labelled “Fall Favourites” so the “Get cozy doesn’t make sense it could have a better label on the button as it’s not specific for example because it’s about their seasonal (Autumn) coffee being launched they could have labelled the button “The Fall Favourites”.

An example of a business that has a big and easy to view CTA is Uber, they clearly state what types of people they want, riders and drivers, both buttons contrast with the white background and image as the buttons are green and labelled “Start riding with Uber” and “Become a driver” nothing could make it any clearer.

The two types of personas are searching for different things but the website draws both types of people, especially with the video playing in the background.

The video shows the drivers enjoying themselves as well as the riders. Words usually have to be large and bold or have contrasting colours so the CTAs are noticed. If the colours work well or only one colour on a button it won’t get noticed unless the words are bold and clear.

10 Tips On How To Write A Great Bog Title

51 Amazing Facts About Blogging

How Much Do Bloggers Earn?

151 Call To Action Phrases and Examples

  1. Act Now
  2. Act quickly
  3. Add to your cart
  4. Apply today
  5. Be sure to _________
  6. Best value
  7. Book now
  8. Buy and Save
  9. Buy Now
  10. Call today
  11. Call us this week to schedule an appointment.
  12. Check our ___________
  13. Check out ____________
  14. Check this out
  15. Choose your ____________
  16. Click button
  17. Click for more
  18. Click Here
  19. Click here to find out all the details.
  20. Click here
  21. Create account
  22. Come see our prices
  23. Compare prices
  24. Contact Sales
  25. Contact us
  26. Contact us today
  27. Discover
  28. Don’t forget to Sign up
  29. Don’t miss
  30. Don’t wait
  31. Download now
  32. Enter Now
  33. Explore Now
  34. Expires at midnight tonight
  35. Find Items
  36. Find out more
  37. Find savings
  38. Find yours
  39. Follow this
  40. For a short time only
  41. For more details Click or call 555-55555
  42. Free Shipping
  43. Get a quote
  44. Get Free
  45. Get it here
  46. Get it now!
  47. Get More Info Here
  48. Get Started
  49. Get the Best
  50. Get your ________ Here
  51. Get X% Off
  52. Give a gift
  53. How to __________
  54. Hurry
  55. I can’t wait to hear from you
  56. I invite you to ____________
  57. I urge you to act at once
  58. I urge you to send for our free brochure
  59. Immediate download
  60. In a hurry? Call 555-55555
  61. Investigate
  62. It’s important that you respond promptly
  63. Join Free
  64. Join now
  65. Join today
  66. Join us
  67. Just hit Reply and we’ll email you the details
  68. Just reach for your phone
  69. Learn more
  70. Learn more about us at
  71. Learn to
  72. Limited availability
  73. Look at
  74. Mail this convenient coupon today!
  75. Mail your order today!
  76. Money Back Guarantee
  77. Need more
  78. New ______________
  79. No obligation to try
  80. Now you can
  81. Offer expires Oct 1st
  82. Order Now
  83. Order now and receive a free gift
  84. Order now, while there’s still time
  85. Order Yours
  86. Pay Less
  87. Place your order now, while everything is still in front of you
  88. Please don’t hesitate to call us
  89. Please see _______________
  90. Please view our ___________
  91. Purchase
  92. Read reviews
  93. Register
  94. Reply today
  95. Request your FREE quote today
  96. Request yours today
  97. Reserve your spot now
  98. Respond by ___________
  99. Rush today
  100. Save Big
  101. Save Money
  102. Save on
  103. Save Today
  104. Save up to ________
  105. Save with coupon
  106. Search for _________
  107. Search Now
  108. Search our products
  109. See deals
  110. See it in action
  111. See more
  112. See our coupon
  113. See our products
  114. See pricing
  115. Send for our free catalogue
  116. Send in your application today!
  117. Schedule a Booking Now
  118. Shop With us
  119. Shop low prices
  120. Shop now
  121. Shop online
  122. Shop today
  123. Sign me up now
  124. Sign up
  125. Sign up for your free trial immediately
  126. Sign up now, while you still can
  127. Sign up online at
  128. Start now
  129. Start today
  130. Start your free trial now
  131. Stock up
  132. Submit
  133. Take a closer look
  134. Take a look at
  135. Take a tour
  136. Talk to an expert
  137. To place your order, call us toll-free at ____________
  138. Tour our Range
  139. Try it free
  140. Try it today
  141. View all Products
  142. View Demo
  143. View features
  144. Visit us at ___________
  145. We’d like to hear from you.
  146. We’re waiting for your call.
  147. Why not give us a call to find out all the details?
  148. You might also try
  149. You might consider
  150. Your free trial is just a click away
  151. Yours for asking


There you have it.  151 Call to Action Phrases and Examples that you can use on your site.

You can use a powerful call to action for your sales funnel.

This could be for building an email list, selling a product, coaching or seminars, you now have what it takes to build a great call to action.

Just remember there is a lot of science behind the call to action but the science is only a starting point. All the statistics and best practices may not work with your audience so test different cal to actions.

Try a few different text ideas, button colours, button shapes, locations, web page designs.

I would suggest that you test a few of the above individually and let the results speak out to you.

It’s going to take a while to test the right one but once you find the winning combination you’re going to see some fantastic results.

Good luck.





Making Money Pet Sitting


More and more people are now requesting pet sitters while they go on holiday or are busy.  Making money pet sitting can be a lucrative way to bring in some more cash.

If you happen to already have pets then this can make this business much easier and people are also much more conformable dealing with someone who also has pets.


The alternative for owners is for the pet to be put in a kennel they tend to be a pretty sterile environment and more often consist of cages and concrete walls.

People are now looking for a personal touch with their pet and hence you can now start making money pet sitting.  Just two decades ago, this profession didn’t even exist and so there is still a huge gap in the market for you.


Number of Dogs Owned in The USA – in Millions

With the correct set up and right direction you can set up a business and this is what I am going to show you.

Benefits of Pet Sitting Businessmaking-money-pet-sitting-5

Pet sitting can be rewarding and fun especially if you love animals.

  • You will be self employed
  • You are your own boss and work when you want to
  • You get to enjoy being around animals
  • You will be much fitter – looking after pets can be physically demanding
  • You get to play with animals but without having the long term ownership of pets
  • You are helping people look after their family member with love and affection

Benefits of Pet Sitting for the Pets

  • Regular exercise for the pet
  • Pets would be with a caring family – you
  • The pet is in a home environment
  • The pet has complete freedom in the home and access to the garden
  • The pet may have the company of other pets during the day
  • All their dietary requirements would be met
  • Pet sitters would do their best to stick to a routine that the pet is used to

Biggest Drawback for Pet Sitting

  • The biggest drawback to pet sitting is the trust element.  You would have to be able to convey to the owner that you are both caring and trustworthy.  This is key when starting out.

Carry Out Market Researchmaking-money-pet-sitting-6

Carry out some market research in your local area and evaluate the following:

  • What are people looking for in Pet sitting?
  • What are the market/local prices for per day?
  • Seek out local pet sitters online and see what their services are
  • Visit local shops and see adds to check out pricing for pet sitting

What Are Your Services and Pricing

There are basically four different types of services you can offer:

Day Time:

Dog walking

Pet taxi service (yes really!!)

Look after pets while the owner is away or at work


Looking after a pet at your home while owner is away

Looking after the pet at owners home

Running a Pet Sitter Business – 7 Steps

If you really want to take this seriously and make this a real business then I suggest that do the following:

1.Have Impeccable References

Either use past clients who you have had before or if you are starting out then just be yourself and be honest and inform them you are starting up.

2.Have a Legal Contract

You will initially need contracts that cover your agreements between you and your clients. As you grow, you’ll need contracts for employees or contractors.  I have a draft contract that you can download here for free – Click here.

3.First Aid for Pet

It will look good for owners to know that you are trained up in First Aid for pets – a good selling point and it shows that you are taking this seriously.

4.Get Pet Sitter Insurance

Will you be providing pet sitting in other people’s homes?  Or in-home Pet Boarding? That’s a great responsibility and so you must have the right insurance to cover you.  Customers are looking for someone who takes their job professionally and can treat their home and pets with great care.

If you are in the UK then Click Here and if you are in the USA then Click here.

5.Start a blog

Having a website blog for yourself can hugely get you ahead of the competition.  Set up a blog and start to attract traffic and then business is follow.  Put out on your website, your business offerings, locations covered, your hours, rates and your bioSee Post – How to Start a Blog.

6.Make Up Flyers And Posters

Post them in high-traffic areas, such as in grocery stores and pet shops, after getting permission from the store manager. The marketing tools should include the name of your business, your name, contact number, email address and a sentence or two about what your business offers.  You put up posters in local gyms, nurseries or at schools.

7.How To Accept Payments

Some pet sitters work on a cash or check-only basis. Others accept credit cards or PayPal. Make sure that your payment terms are clear and are in the contract between you and the pet owner.

How Much Do Pet Sitters earnmaking-money-pet-sitting-9

Here are some examples to help you:

  • The couple cleared $8,000 over the winter holidays caring for dogs, including tending to four Chihuahuas at a Brooklyn wedding
  • At Rover Pet Sitters – full-time sitters average $3,300 a month; part-timers $900; and those with just one to two stays a month about $250.
  • According to a survey from Pet Sitters International, the average income for their 7,000+ members in 2010 was $48,635 after expenses.
  • A pet sitter in Florida manages to handle about 15 to 17 pet sitting visits per day and brings in around $1200/week. That’s $57600/year. They work weekends and occasional holidays.
  • Another pet sitter in a more rural area of the US is able to do about 14 pet sitting visits per day, at around $17 each. They do not work weekends, and average around $4700/month or $57000/year.

Making Money Pet Sitting

If you are thinking about starting up a pet sitting business, then I hope that this guide can help you get started.  Making money pet sitting is a great business.  Get the word out there and start today.

You can do this.

Good luck.

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