Can I Make Money Using Facebook

Facebook has more than two billion users and is many times more popular than the next most popular social network. Facebook can be used for a powerful money-making platform.

Facebook is still relevant for blogs, niche sites, small business websites and ecommerce. Now, Can I Make Money using Facebook – let me show you some tips and tricks.

1.The Facebook Marketplacefinger-facebook-make-money-online

This is one of the simplest ways to make money on Facebook. Essentially, Facebook allows you to sell items on a special section of the site. Many towns, cities, and communities have set up buy/sell pages or you can simply search by geographic location, product name, or category. That way buyers can quickly see a wide range of choices in the surrounding area.

2.Promote new blog posts (i.e. drive traffic to your site)

There’s not much to say here.  When you publish a post on your website or any new content then post a link to it on Facebook.

You earn money from however you monetize your website, whether it’s display ads, affiliate offers or email marketing.  The key is that Facebook sends traffic to your site.

3.Collect the Emails

You set up a Facebook ad campaign to advertise a free ebook / report / course, in return for someone’s email address. This can be done with a page template in OptimisePress.

When they enter their email address, they get added to your list, and the first follow up email they receive contains the free offer.

You can automatically redirect your leads when you collect their emails. Either when they enter their details, or confirm their email address. This is when you want to send them to a sales page.

4.Affiliate Links or Posts in Your Blog

The second alternative is to send them to an affiliate page.

5.Promote other websites and get paid per 1,000 clickssocial-media-facebook-make-money

This Facebook monetization strategy inspired this post in the first place.  I love this strategy because the entire process can be outsourced for very little cost and easily generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month.

Here’s the deal.  There are websites that will pay you to post links/images etc. that link to their site.  They typically pay a set rate per 1,000 visitors you send them.

Run paid traffic to popular blog posts.

You can get important posts/content more traffic resulting in more shares and attracting links from the exposure.

Basically you create “website traffic” focused ads and promote select pieces of content.  You wouldn’t want to do this for 300 posts; however, it can help by promoting 3 to 5 important posts/pages on your site or other websites.

5.Operate a Facebook Group (or participate in Groups)

Facebook Groups can be a very powerful tool to make money, whether you charge for access or use as a subtle promotional tool.

You don’t want to blatantly promote to your (or other groups you join), but if you contribute in a meaningful way, other group members will investigate you further and ultimately discover a course you may sell.

6.Blogging on Facebookwebsite-design

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. In fact you can take blogging as a full time profession to lead your life. Make sure you follow 2 important steps:

  • Find your niche. For sure, there must be something you like and have passion for, so use it! At the same time, don’t forget about the audience. It should be something that may interest many people, so keep it in mind.
  • Create great content. Practice your writing skills, read what other people post and learn from the best.

I have already written a detailed article about blogging and making money online with zero investment. Read it here.


Can I make Money from Using Facebook – Yes is your answer.  There are plenty of ways to earn passive income from your Facebook Page and we recommend you have multiple streams of revenue.

Make sure that you keep your fans happy and have valuable posts and content.



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