Can You make Money off Twitter?

Twitter is 140 characters or fewer to get your message across. Can you make money off twitter – yes you can!

It’s also a popular new medium – tens of millions of users and counting – that businesses use to build brands

How Can You make Money off Twittertwitter-make-money

1.Collaborate with Brands and Businesses.

You can promote their products and services on your Twitter account and in return they will pay for you.

2.Review Products.

If you have a good amount of twitter followers, then you can start writing short reviews of the products you use.

You can again ask brands and businesses to pay you in return. Use a monetized short link to an affiliate product.

3.Start Your Blog.

If your followers base is large, you can start writing blogs which you can promote on your twitter account.

When your blog is popular, connect it with Google AdSense account and start earning money.

4.Sell Twitter growth consulting services.

Consulting is a time-honoured transition point for many experts who aren’t getting paid enough doing what they do.What you can do here is turn to the other side of the game.

Don’t be the one selling products or growing an audience; be the one to teach others how to do those things.

5.Sponsored tweets.

To be eligible, an account must be at least 60 days old with 50 followers and 100 tweets sent. Sponsored Tweets will review your application, and once you’re approved you can start earning money.

All tweets carry full disclosure, which means they must include hash tagged text such as “#sponsored” or “#ad.”

Since you’re writing the tweet, you can create a message you’re comfortable with. Once it’s approved, the tweet is sent out and you receive payment in your Sponsored Tweets account.twitter


A social advertising platform that is used on Twitter YouTube, blogs and even Tumblr. With this service, you get to use advertisers’ ads on your Twitter account and you get paid when people click on them.

You can get paid up to $0.42 per click, schedule the time each ad is tweeted, and even get paid weekly from your earnings.

Another ad service that lets you send out advertisements in your tweets. However, you don’t get paid-per-click. Instead, you create a profile of your interests, then advertisers can choose your account to publicize a campaign.

You agree to send out a specific number of tweets on a specific schedule, and you get paid a lump sum.

8.Rev Twt

Twitter-based advertising service and is a pay-per-click platform. The more followers you have and the higher reputation you have, the greater access you will have to higher-paying campaigns.

Payout is made via Paypal when you have reached $20 in earnings.


Making Money on Twitter

As you can see, there are many ways you can make money with your Twitter account, including selling banner ads on your profile page, setting your own rates and selling direct sponsored tweets, charging to send a personal message to your followers, or charging for access to your private list of followers.

These advertising services can also help you make money through pay-per-click advertising, which can be especially lucrative if you have a large following.

If you think you can make this work then give this a go – no set up costs, just needs time and a passion or a niche area to tweet about to get followers.


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