Create Money From Home – Where Do I Start?

Going Online Searching for the Holy Grail – Create Money From Home

When I first started getting on line I had spent many many hours looking and searching for the Holy Grail of making money each month.  I was going from one area of the internet to the other.  I kept on thinking well, if everyone else can do this then so can I.  This was a very frustrating time for me.

Create-Money-From-HomeI was searching for Create Money from Home, how to create money, Money income, earn over $5000 a month, real ways to make money home, make free money home, easy ways to make money from home and the list goes on and on.

Frustration, Frustration and even more Frustration.


Making Money From Home Requires Patience & DedicationPatience-Money-From-Home

The best ways to make money from home are on the internet but to find one that suits your needs is the tricky bit.  Sadly, there are many many sites that offer the dream of making huge amounts of money but you have to sign up their monthly membership or wade through a long sales page then to find that you have to buy an eBook or something.

I wanted real ways to create money from home and ideas to make money from home that are proven. See Post – Make Money Fast Ideas.

Time vs Income  – Getting Down to What Suits You

What you need to ask yourself is how much time do you have in the day or week to spend on the new business.  Then you need to ask yourself, what is exactly that I am looking for in terms of your expectations of income each month.



  1. Time Available –  LOW (below 5 hours a week) or HIGH (above 5 Hours a week)
  2. Income – LOW – (looking to earn $1000 a month) or HIGH (above $1000 a month)

What is your answer, Low in Time but want to Earn Big Bucks ( who does not want this) or you have a more realistic approach where you have time on your hands and want to have a regular income of $1000 a month, month in and month out.  Each one of us is different and we all have different needs and different outlook in life and towards online business from home.

Effort Required To Create Money From Home

The key question here is how much effort are you prepared to put in to an online business from home?  Most successful people when asked would probably say that you need to dedicate hours and hours to make your business work and flourish.  This is right and this is their perspective.  I can also find many people who would say that they work part time and have a huge income making money from home for free.Work-online-Home

What I want you to think about is how much effort are you willing to put this and this can range from looking at no effort ie passive income to being totally engrossed in the ways to make extra money from home.

Building a successful business online business from home isn’t a matter of the roll of the dice. It comes down to two things, really…

  • A willingness to take action. Real, definitive action.
  • Having a true product/market fit.

The fact that you are reading this in one way is taking action to learn your craft to find out what really works and how it can work for you.  The right product has to fit your needs in terms of your Time and Income goals. See Post – 4 Mantras That Can Change the Way You Think.

Enjoying What You Do – Being Happy

Happy-Making-Money-HomeWhen I started out in property, I woke up everyday and enjoyed what I did.  I had a passion to go to work and I was happy.  This is the key.  Being HAPPY in what you are doing.  You need to have a passion and purpose in what you are doing.

Finding something you love to do – can be difficult to find.  Some people search forever.  Some gain remarkable skills and talents only to think, I’m great at this. So why don’t I feel successful? Others, even after building successful businesses, suddenly think, Hold on. This is just not me.  See Post  – Trying to get Motivated.

Find Real Ways to Make Money From HomeOnline-Money-Home

I want you to get a clear idea of your needs.  This is something that I lacked as I was going from one site to another and this is not very productive.  Once you have the basic foundation on where you are then you can narrow down your search in terms of an online business meeting your needs.

Make you have know the following:

  1. How much time do you have each week to spare to create money from home
  2. How much do you want your business to earn you each month
  3. How much effort are you willing to put in

Just to give you my answers, I had:

  • Time – I had this as High.
  • Income – to create over $3000 a month
  • Effort – I am committed to creating something I love to do and willing to work

This is the basic foundation to start to create a future of you identifying real ways to create money from home.




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