Doing Online Surveys – Pros and Cons

Doing online surveys – do they really work and is it for you?

I’ve put together a list of cash rewarding market research companies offering paid surveys online that I currently work with or I have worked with in the past as well others that I have researched.


Electronic, or Online Surveys are the most economical means of gathering feedback, so if a representative sample can be reached with online surveys alone, it is always recommended.

I rated them based on my own personal experience, extensive research and comments received from other panelists.

What is a Survey Company?

Online surveys companies have become a cog in the wheel for companies gathering information for on what people like you and me perceive about various products or services.

With billions spent on what consumer perceptions are on opinions, products and services like travel, websites, electronics, TV shows, utility services etc companies in all industries conduct surveys to find ways to target their ideal customer.

If you use google or amazon for example if you looked at some trainers, you will find that ads will follow all over the web until you give in and buy some. Same goes for TVads how many times do you need to see these cereal ads before you got to the shop and buy it.

1. SwagBucks

My Rating:  5/5
Average Monthly income: £15 or $20
Minimum payment: £10 or $10
Payment: Rewards
SwagBucks Site – CLICK HERE

The best thing about Swagbucks is the fact that you will earn rewards for doing things online that you were already doing.


This has consistently been marked as one of the best survey sites around.

You also make money for, Completing surveys, Watching videos, Using a search engine, Playing games and Shopping.


  • Loyalty programe, the more you do the more you get paid
  • They have different ways to earn money
  • The site is very good and easy to use
  • Earning money with them can be fun
  • Can earn upwards of $200 a month


  • You do not qualify for each survey
  • Search engine it uses is Bing and not Google



Dollarsprout’s favourite paid online survey company is Swagbucks.

2. Inbox Pounds

My Rating: 4/5
Average Monthly Income: £10 or $15
Minimum payment: £20 or $20
Payment: Cheque Payment

While you won’t make a fortune with Inbox pounds. Doing online surveys, I reached the £20 threshold fairly easily and was sent a cheque in the post without any issues


  • You can earn £1 for signing up
  • You receive rewards for reading emails, taking surveys, signing up to offers and playing games.
  • Easy to navigate site
  • Referral program, so that you can make money from friends and family
  • You get much better reward offers after you have reached your £20


  • Income potential is low as with any survey site
  • You will get a lot SPAM
  • I found that the timing might say 4 minutes but has taken me 10 minutes

3. i-Sayonline-survey

My Rating: 4/5
Average Monthly Income: £2 or $3
Minimum payment: £20 or $20
Payment: Rewards
i-Say Site:  CLICK HERE

This I found to be very good as I was earning £10 ($15) a month or more in Amazon vouchers. You get paid in points for taking surveys then you redeem points you earn for gift cards and prizes.

  • $15 Paypal Funds (1,530 points, added to account 1-3 weeks after redemption)
  • $5 Facebook Game eCard (500 points, instant delivery)
  • $5 Starbucks Card (500 points, instant delivery)
  • $10 Amazon Gift Card (1,000 points, instant delivery)
  • $20 i-Say Choice Visa Prepaid Card (2,000 points, arrives 3-4 weeks after ordering)
  • $15 Target Gift Card (1,500 points, instant delivery)


  • Great and easy to use site
  • Loyalty programme to gain more points
  • Multiple payment options
  • 45 point surveys are estimated at 10 minutes
  • 90 point surveys are estimated at 20 minutes


  • It takes a very long time to get the points
  • You can only refer people through email
  • I found the surveys are based on your demographics

4. MySurveyonline-survey2

My Rating: 4/5
Average Monthly Income: £5 or $7
Minimum payment: £10 or $10
Payment: Rewards & PayPal
MySurvey Site: CLICK HERE

Similar to the above companies you get rewards in multiple ways. You can get a £3 PayPal payment for 345 points, or a £5 Argos voucher for 550 points.

The site also lets you swap 1,250 points for a £10 Amazon voucher, though bizarrely this is a worse value exchange than PayPal cash.

Take online surveys on a variety of different topics. Typically earn between 10-500 points for each survey you successfully complete.

Points for a payment to your PayPal account.1200 points = $10 PayPal payment, 1800 Points = $15 PayPal, and 2400 Points = $20 PayPal.


  • Reward partners are huge
  • Has a referral program
  • Average time to complete survey is 20-30mins
  • Easy to sign up and start


  • Need a minimum of 1200 points balance to request a reward

More Paid Online Survey Sites to Check Out

Check out the many more companies that offer online surveys.

  1. ShopTracker
  2. MyPoints
  3. Prize Rebel
  4. Nielsen HomeScan
  5. Nielsen Digital Voice
  6. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel
  7. OpinionNetwork Daily Survey
  8. Valued Opinions
  9. Valued Opinion Australia
  10. Smart Panel
  11. i-Say Ipsos
  12. ePoll
  13. InstaGC
  14. Opinion Outpost
  15. Opinion OutPost UK
  16. Opinion Plus
  17. Digital Pulse
  18. Daily Rewards
  19. SurveyClub
  20. Product Report Card
  21. Panel Pay Day Surveys
  22. Survey Momma
  23. Survey Rewardz
  24. ClickPerks
  25. Opinion City
  26. Opinion World
  27. Inbox Pays
  28. LifePoints
  29. PointClub
  30. NiceQuest
  31. SurveyYeah
  32. TellWut
  33. MySoaBox
  34. Zen Surveys
  35. Shoppers Voice V2
  36. Survey Queen
  37. SurveySavvy
  38. Mr. Rebates
  39. Paribus
  40. eBates
  41. American Consumer Opinion
  42. SpringBoard
  43. OnlineSurveyDirectory
  44. Opinium
  45. PaidViewpoint
  46. MintVine
  47. iPoll
  48. Mindswarms
  49. Fusion Cash
  50. Panda Research

The Final Word on – Doing Online Surveys

If you are interested in some extra cash and have some spare time at work or at home then you can earn £175 a month or so ($200) which all helps to your pot.  I suggest that you sign up to all of the above sites and so you will get enough survey invitations each week to see some good money each month.

If you’re still skeptical, the only way to know for sure is to sign-up and try them for yourself.

At worst, you’ll snag $40 in free bonuses. Get started today, refer your friends, and Take Back Control of Your Life and Money with this simple step to make more money.

Looking for More Ways to Earn Extra Income OnLine? Do The Following!

1.Start a Blog

Starting a Blog is the best way to make money online. It’s passive income that keeps growing month after month and you can monetize it the way you want.  You can do ad placement and earn every time someone clicks on those ads, or you can sell your own ebooks, ecourses or create a “hire me” page. I’ve just started blogging and I’m loving the journey. Read more.

2.Create an eBook

Ebooks have been growing by leaps and bounds in popularity since Amazon started selling them several years ago. The good news is that they are very easy to create with Free and Open Source tools. People are earning thousands a month just by producing eBooks.  Read more.

3.Become a Proofreader

For becoming a sought-after proofreader, you can start with your native language. Just get command over your native language first.  You can even do this part time and earn extra money eachmonth.  Proofreaders can earn up to $40,000 a yearRead more.



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