51 Tricks – How Can I Promote My Website Free

Hi there.  I have put together a list on how can I promote my website free.  They are not in any order but they will definitely help any new blogger get started to generating traffic to your site.  I have 51 free ways on How Can I Promote My Website Free.

What Goes In to Ranking a Page

When I was researching, I found out the following all go in to a ranking of a website:

local seo

  • Domain Trust – make sure you have quality content around your niche
  • Link Popularity – Backlinks on your website, both internal and external
  • Anchior text & Keywords usage, are you using the right keywords throughout your posts
  • On-page Optimization & Reader Engagement is how users are interacting with your website.
  • Domain Registration & Hosting – Make sure your site name is relevant
  • Traffic,Total Views & Visitor Performance on the website regardless of where they come from.
  • Social Media, are you active in this area

In order to achieve all of the above I have come up with 51 ways on How Can I Promote My Website Free.

Please take action to at least do any three of the below each week and then watch your traffic grow!!!

1.Write More Posts

Google and other search engines will give you more attention if you are regularly updating your blog with new content.  You need to fill up your website with good, relevant, high-quality and highly-targeted content.

Content is king.  High-quality content that can go viral and will build your domain trust and is a sure fire way of driving targeted visitors to a website.  Make sure that you plan your posts and are consistent each week or month.

2.Include Your Website In Your Email Signature

This is quick and easy to implement just add your website address under every email you send to everyone.

3.Content length – Research by Buzzsumo, in a partnership with Moz, they took a sample of over 750,000 posts and found that 85% of them were less than 1000 words:

They then looked at the impact of content length and found that articles that are 3,000 – 10,000 words get twice as many shares and 3 times the links content that have fewer than 1,000 words get.

Make sure that you include lots of long-tail keywords, which leads to significant traffic on the long run.  I use Jaaxy for my research.


3.Post On Social Media

Get at least 3 accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Flipboard, Tumblr, Reddit and Instagram.  You can also use the DIG DIG plugin on your website or blog. This plugin looks like a floating bar and helps the website’s visitor to share your post on various social networking site.

4.Signature Branding

Create a fun, appealing, and recognizable signature for your email, blog posts, or even photos, videos, and shareable content. This is a great way to get people to recognize and understand your brand.

5.Make Business Cards And/Or Flyers And Spread Them Around

Family, friends, leave them in waiting rooms in the magazines, in trains, buses and taxi’s, everywhere…  A good way to start your blog getting comments and initial traffic

6.Keyword Research And Long-Tail Keywords

You must do your research before you write each post so that you can have your keywords throughout the post.

Ranking for competitive keywords takes time and lots of resources, but you can easily get your website to rank high for long-tail keywords. These keywords are often underrated as they don’t have a high search volume, but you can get a good amount of traffic with less effort.

Long tail keywords are a phase of 3 or more words that may point to a specific product, service or idea.


  • Short Keyword:  BUSINESS – has 41,000 searches a month
  • Mid Tail keyword:  BUSINESS ONLINE – has 4,246 searches a month
  • Long Tail Keyword: BUSINESS ONLINE FROM HOME – 104 has searches a month

You can see that it would be easier to rank on page 1 with a long tail keyword with good content.

As a rule of thumb, always have the long-tail key words in your title post and then try and make sure it is mentioned in the first paragraph. Do not over optimise your site and remember you are writing for your readers not the search engine robots.

7.Make Sure Your Website Is Complete

Make sure you have thoughtful menus and categories, a privacy policy, affiliate disclaimer, contact me page, about me page and when needed a medical disclaimer.

8.See Your Competitors Best Backlinks

You need quality backlinks and so by analysing your competitors backlinks can help you to replicate some of them.  Use Monitor Backlinks.

9.Search For Forum Sites In Your Niche

Offer your help and answer questions.  A great way to bring people over to your site.

10.Listen To The News/Social Media/Glossies/Newspapers

Add appropriate tags to old posts to breathe them back to life and adapt to the changes and the hottest news items to your posts.

11.Test Your Website For Speed

Are you worried your website is loading to slow, and curious about what caused it?  I suggest that you have no more than 5 to 7 plugins in wordpress, as anymore tend to slow down the loading of your site. To check the speed on your website Click Here.

12.Setup A Subscriber Form

Give away your best work for free in a pdf.  This is a must to get readers to come back and have a thirst for more knowledge or value.  Or perhaps a discount code from your affiliate marketer.  Give some incentive.

13.Send A Pass-It-On-Link

Include in every newsletter you send “If you’ve enjoyed this article, please be sure to forward it to a friend!”  A great tip for people to start sharing your content especially on social media.

14.Use Email Marketing

This is a tried and tested form of communicating with your customers.  What you do is to collect email addresses of customers and share content with them such as newsletters, promotions, discounts and information to build a relationship with them. Email marketing can draw past visitors back to your website by sharing new content or promotions.

15.Use Visuals On Your Website

Pictures, infographics, videos. Make videos related to your niche and upload them on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video sharing website. As millions of people regularly surf these websites for videos, you can see huge difference in your site traffic after uploading your videos on these sites.

Be sure you upload your pictures with the correct name, so they can be found by search engines.

People can find your website through Google images too.  See Post How Can I Earn Money OnLine for Free – Using YouTube.

16.Interview Someone Exciting In Your Niche

For example, when you are in the music niche, try to find a great artist for an interview.  Compile a list of the biggest forum owners in your niche and interview them.

17.Write Super Creative Titles And Headlines

Learn from the professionals. Look how newspapers are attracting their readers.  Here are some examples to get across your headlines:

  • Titles that stat with the following:  Reasons, Ways, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, Ideas, Facts, Did You Know, How To _____________
  • Here is a Method of Than Help You ___________
  • The Secrets of ___________
  • ______ Ways to __________
  • Get Rid of _________
  • You Can Have ________
  • _____ Ideas to Help you ________
  • ____ Little Known Secrets
  • Best to Worst
  • ____ Lessons from _____

One last thing is you don’t want to mislead readers so make sure you deliver the content from your headlines promises, in the body of your blog post.

18.Syndicate Your Content to Top Blogs

Many top blogs and networks will allow you to republish your content on their site with credit back to you.

19.Promote Your Blog On Other Forums

Make sure that you join other forums and start to contribute professionally and then as you become more active, then have a link back to your blog in your signature.

20.Create A Great Contact Page

Add a contact form, so people will know they can contact you anytime.  Make this a masterpiece and take pride in your work.   Here are some great examples:

25 Amazing Contact Us Pages | SEJ

25 Amazing Contact Us Pages | SEJ

25 Amazing Contact Us Pages | SEJ

21.How Can I Promote My Website – Use Testimonials 

Other people who are confirming what you are presenting shows credibility to your site.

22.Use Social Media Share Button

Be sure your visitors can easy share your content on Social Media.

I see a lot of websites with only follow me buttons. Make sure you have SHARE buttons too.

23.Re-Vamp Old Content

Go regularly over your old posts and re-write and add stuff. Keep your content fresh and up to date.

24.Everyday Do Something On Your Website

When you have little time, just ask for a comment. Give 2 and gain one. Keep your website alive.  This will keep you motivated and more importantly the search engines will see your site is active.

25.Share Freely Other Peoples Work

When you share their content, it is more likely they will do the same for you.

26.Ask For Comments On Social Media

Ask your friends and family to support you with comments initially and then as your rankings get higher in the search engines, this will start to flow more traffic to your site.

27.Blog About A Major Personality Or Write A Controversial Post

Just by being different can help you skyrocket to fame and more importantly traffic.

28.Eliminate Website Errors

Check your website for broken links and fix.  Make sure that you regularly check posts to make sure the links are all working.

29.Leave Comments On Other Websites

Make sure that you identify other blogs in your niche area and start commenting on their blogs on a regular basis.  You will get noticed and then you can get them to visit your blog.

30.Add A Gravatar and A Profile Picture

Let people see with whom they are dealing. Simple.  People relate to people and thus helps in creating credibility and building more relationships.

31.Make Sure That You Fill Out Your Description Fields In WordPress

That meta data is critical to search engines crawling and indexing your site. And when you use keywords properly, it tells those spiders what the page is all about.

Image result for all in one SEO screen shots meta data

Meta title – It’s important to insert your page title into the HTML meta title tag Description. For local business you’ll want to add your business name, city, and state.

Meta Description – Give each meta description an unique description. This will help the user get an idea what the post is about. It’s ok to use a likeness of your keyword in your description. Use the keyword in a natural way. Keep the description at 140 or under 160 characters. This is what the reader will see in the Search Engine post and so make it punchy!

32.Make Sure Your Posts Look Good

Do not write big chunks of texts with no paragrpahs breaks.  This will go against you and your post will not be read

33.Guest Posts

Locate other blogs that reach your target audience, and offer to contribute guest blog posts. If the site has a substantial audience, you can bet that readers will in turn want to engage with more of your content.

34.Yellow Pages

Yes the phonebook is still around.  It is now online and it offers free business listings.

35.Answer Comments And Questions

Please make sure that you reply back to your comments on your posts fast and I would suggest the same day.  This will help your rankings as it shows the search engines that you are active.


These can be annoying and so be subtle with your pop up and have the reader in mind when coming up with a pop up.  The pop up will capture the name and email and in return you can offer a free ebook/PDF.

37.Add Value

A lot of new bloggers, get in to the habit of just publishing posts and not ensuring that they are in fact adding value to the reader.  Don’t always try to sell something, add also value without selling options. Keep it simple is my moto.

38.Link To Other Sites

Search engines like that the fact that a website is linking to other high ranking sites.

Readers appreciate it when you provide resources to make it easier for them to find the things they’re looking for.

39.Multiple Steps

Create multiple steps in your blog for your visitors. Have words such as: Read more, also interesting to read etc. Have these links around your posts.  Also link back to some of your older posts.  Insert a link by clicking the Add Link button on the ribbon.

WordPress Internal Link Search

You want to keep the reader as long as possible on your site.

40.Add New Products

Set up new products up for sale on an ongoing basis.  This is a great way to generate revenue and to keep on adding value to your readers.

41.Use Correct Language

When you are not a native English speaker, activate the Grammarly app. Grammarly

42.Use Of Emotional Phrases

For example:

Wrong: This training is unique and the best in the world!

Right: Your experience with our program will be an unique and comparable one!

Wrong: We offer you a successful online video course.

Right: Our online video course will lead you, step-by-step, towards success.

43.Have Pictures Around Your Posts

Include relevant pictures around the post to make it easier to read and more appealing to the eye.  A picture is a thousand words as they say.  Take advantage of this.  I use free pictures from the web – Pixaby.

44.Join Facebook Groups

Join other Facebook groups around your niche or other similar groups and start to promote your website in the groups.  Make sure that you are active in the group and so you don’t get banned for spamming. Make sure you interact with your followers, build a community, and then share your content.

45.Submit Artwork to Pinterest

This is another social media platform.  Pinterest is normally focussed on DIY, anything visual, crafty, artistic in nature.  You create different boards and promote your website’s content by uploading pictures known as pins.

46.Google My Business

List your business for free on Google My Business   (https://www.google.com/business/).  Please make sure that your listing includes a link to your website.

47.Mention Influenced People On Twitter

Leverage twitter by completing an interesting profile and creating connections. Follow influential people in your field and read what they share. Join (or create) relevant groups, and post content from your website’s blog (with links) often.

48.Invite A Guest Blogger To Write For You

Having a guest blogger write a post is not just about getting backlinks.  You will get access to new target audiences and more importantly new subscribers.  Guest posting will help you rank higher and increase your domain authority.

49.Use Buffer And Hootsuite For Easy And Multiple Shares

Buffer – Hootsuite Open and set up accounts with them and start sharing your content and website.  Go to YouTube for more information on how to set up accounts.

50.Ping Named People

When you mention influenced people/websites in your content, ping them on @Twitter, Facebook, G+ or send them an email.

51.Use Backlinks

This is where another site has your URL back to your site.  Links back to your site are called, appropriately, backlinks. Just one link back should be enough to ensure your site is found, but the more backlinks, the more prestigious search engines assume it to be

Take Action

If you want to get your website ranked higher just take action and remember this is not a sprint but a marathon.  You can do this like many others.

If you want your blog to success year after year then first start with writing killer posts and then follow the points above.  I hope that this post on How Can I Promote My Website Free has helped. 

Have fun.


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