How Do You Start Your Own Business OnLine – For Less Than $100

If you have a desire to work from home or to start your own business online then I can show you 5 different ways where hardly any capital is needed.  In fact, most of the ideas I have, you only need $100 or less.  Sounds good!!

How do you start your own business online – well there are a huge number of ways to make money online but you will have to invest time and dedicate yourself to starting a new business.


As more and more businesses are moving online, you too can become successful, you just need the right ingredients to make it happen.

Before I get in to the ideas, let me show you the high level steps to start your online business from scratch.

How Do You Start Your Own Business OnLine

Your first step is to explore what it takes to formally “start” a business, and which of those items cost money.

1. Planning
You’ll need to come up with a business plan and financial model, of course, but you can do this on your own, for free.

2. Business License
If you’re planning on creating a partnership, LLC or corporation, you’ll need to file some paperwork — but it probably won’t cost you more than a few hundred dollars, depending on what licensing you need.

In most cases you can just start as a Sole Trader or Sole Proprietor and you do not register anywhere to exist. All you do is the pay the tax on your profits.

3. A Domain Name
You’ll need to invest in your online brand early on; while I suggest going as professional as possible, you could also use a bare-bones approach to launch, if yours is a minimum viable product.

Often, a catchy domain name is all you need to define your brand at the start, and one can be bought for as little as $10 (if you can find one that isn’t taken!).

I use BlueHost.

4. A website
Website builders these days are free and intuitive to use. You won’t expend anything but time to build your first site. I recommend starting simple with a widely-used website platform, like WordPress.

You can join Affiliate Marketing where you can set up your site and be hosted for FREE. Click here.

5. Marketing
While marketing has a reputation for being very expensive, there are actually a ton of really effective tactics that can be performed with only an investment of your time.

Social media marketing, SEO and content marketing all fit within this category — and, honestly, those are really all you need.

For help, see How to Promote my Website Free Online.

6. Equipment
Equipment, offices and other tangible assets are cash killers, but not all businesses need them. Some businesses don’t require any of these things and will depend on what you are going to do.

7. Products.
Finally, all businesses need to sell something, which usually means some up-front investing.

However, many services can be performed with an investment of time rather than money. You can start up a business.


Let me show you 7 very inexpensive ways to tart your own business online.

1) Online Course Creator

You’ve got skills, right? Sure you do! It doesn’t matter what you’re skilled in, I can bet that there’s somebody that wants to learn about it. Whether it’s baking, basket weaving, crocheting, kickboxing, yoga, musical composition, meditation, journaling – you name it!

Online courses are HUGE right now. I love taking online courses and have taken many course over the years.


If you create online courses, you have the flexibility and freedom to reach not just one person but up to 100 or even 1000.

To learn the ins and outs of online course creation, head on over here. There are tons of courses, starting at just $15. I’d probably take a few that look interesting and have good reviews, just so I could get some different perspectives. (See, that’s the beauty of online courses – people like me who are information junkies!)

Even if you use a platform like Udemy to host your course, it’s still a good idea to have your own blog/website, too. You can start your own blog very cheaply. Here’s my step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog.

Here is a list of other platforms that you can host your online courses with.

  1. Teachable
  2. Skillshare
  3. Learn Worlds
  4. Thinkific
  5. Academy of Mine
  6. WizIQ

Cost of an online course creation course and website: $62

2) Join a Network Marketing Company

Network Marketing has the potential for amazing returns. If you’re thinking “pyramid scheme,” don’t worry – pyramid schemes are illegal.


There are many reasons that people choose to start their own Network Marketing business.

  1. There are huge lifestyle benefits associated with building your successful business.
  2. You can work from home, part-time in your spare time
  3. You can pick the hours you work
  4. You can choose your earnings by the amount of time and effort you put into your business, effectively determining your own pay rise
  5. You have the chance to set yourself financially free


A lot of people are making great money by being a part of a network marketing company and if you choose the right company, you’ll receive top-notch training to help you reach your goals.

There are a ton of network marketing companies that you can join, all with varying start-up costs.

Amway, USANA, Herblife and Nu Skin are a few of the larger Network Marketing companies you can join that have established themselves in the market place.

Total cost to start a network marketing business: $varies

3) Start a Blog

Starting a blog can be an amazing way to make money.


It’s a great way to get your voice heard, become part of an online community, or simply keep an online account of your life.

It’s a fun hobby and can offer up plenty of brilliant opportunities, but it can seem very daunting when it comes to starting one.

Bloggers can make money a number of different ways:

  1. Affiliate Marketing (I took the course “Affiliate Marketing” and here I have my blog)
  2. Ad networks
  3. Sponsored posts
  4. Selling your own products (eBooks, courses, etc.)


My number one tip for anyone wanting to start a blog is to go self-hosted.

What this means is you will need to purchase your own domain name and hosting.

If you are planning to make money from your blog, do not join a free platform like WordPress.COM, Blogger, or Tumblr, because you cannot monetize these free platforms.

I use, and highly recommend BlueHost for your hosting. That’s who I use, and I have had an amazing experience.

Here’s a link to Wealthy Affiliate who gave me my step-by-step tutorial to start my own blog.

Total cost for starting your own blog: $2.95/month – self hosting.

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4) Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another low-cost business you can start right now, and it was actually one of the first ways I started making money from home.

Here are some ideas for you to consider around Freelance Writing.


The opportunities in this area are huge. These days, every business has a website, and most of them have a blog (or should have one.) But who writes the content for these blogs?

That’s where you, as a freelance writer, come in.

You obviously should have a knack for writing (and preferably, actually enjoy writing, too) but like most things in life, there is a learning curve.

One of my absolute favourite platforms for online learning is Udemy, and there are a ton of freelance writing courses that start at just $15.

However, beginners must take the time to build a brand. If you are just starting out as a freelance writer, identify your areas of expertise and be prepared with writing examples before you start your search.

Here is a list of places where you can submit your work and get paid.

  1. Clickworker
  2. OneSpace
  3. HubPages
  4. WiseGeek
  5. Scripted

As a freelance writer, I also recommend having your own blog or website (you can do that here) so you have somewhere to direct your potential clients.

Having a regularly updated blog is also a great way to showcase your writing when you don’t have a portfolio of published work yet.

Total cost for freelance writing course and website: $62.40

5) Virtual Assistant

How do you start your own business  – become a virtual assistant

Have a look at some of the benefits to an employer of a Virtual Assistant and see if you can manage some or all of the tasks needed.


If you have good administrative, time-management, email-management, and/or content creation/management, skills then you could start your own virtual assistant business.

I know of a lot of people who are making great money as a virtual assistant – it’s a field that’s in high demand, and I only see it getting bigger.

And the average virtual assistant in North America earns $35-$50/hr, so there is the opportunity to make some pretty good money.

You can go it alone, but it’s probably a good idea to enroll in a course like “30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success” which is run by Gina Horkey, a woman who has built a hugely successful business that stemmed from virtual assisting.


Here is a list of things you need to consider.

  1. Choosing a name for your business
  2. Your core hours of work
  3. How much do your charge per hour
  4. How to manage your time
  5. Raising invoices
  6. Keep learning to increase your skill set

Cost of virtual assistant course: $75

6) Tutoring From Home or OnLine

If you are knowledgeable in a certain area of education and are adept at teaching others, then you might consider starting an online tutoring business or even from your home.

Many students need extra assistance in a variety of disciplines.

High-speed Internet access provides you with a way to tutor students remotely over the Internet and Skype is a great way to teach and to share your screen with the student.

1.Set up a small office in your home
Equip your workspace with a computer, high-speed Internet access and a desk. You will want a bookshelf for reference materials as well as a printer and filing system.

2.Further qualifications
Acquire any further qualifications that you may need in your area of expertise to provide the best tutoring service possible to your clients.

This may mean taking courses or attending workshops and seminars. Refer to your research to determine the standard requirements for your discipline.

Develop an interactive website or blog  – You can set up a free site at Wealthy Affiliate Here.

Detail your services, expertise and methods for tutoring on your website.

Set up a forum and blog to encourage interaction on your website. Provide tips and strategies on your blog. Update it regularly to encourage repeat visitors and maintain a high search engine ranking.

4.Mobile Messenger
Set up an account with an online messenger program to provide you with the ability to interact with your clients in real time. An example may be Yahoo Messenger or even WhatsApp or a more integrated system such as Google Chrome.

Be sure that it is something that you and your clients are familiar with and can effectively use.

5.Advertise Your Business
Advertise in online classifieds and other community bulletin boards and forums. Look into advertising options on websites that provide learning and educational


Cost of setting up tutoring service: $100

7) Running an ebay Business

You can start up an ebay business once you know the process steps to follow.  This can be a very profitable business and will then depend on the time and effort you put into this business.

Wilmamae Ward, of eBay clothing business The Gathering Goddess, has attracted a huge amount of interest from the fashion world since putting her collection online.

Here she gives her tips on how to set up and run an eBay business:

  1. Start with selling something that you know about and/or love doing.
  2. Research the eBay market in your particular sector as well as on the internet to see what the competition is doing and what is being offered.
  3. Find a point of difference that will set you apart from your competitors.
  4. Be committed to it. It is not easy but it can be extremely rewarding.
  5. Build up your positive feedback. This is the bedrock of eBay and what sets you apart as a good seller. Excellent customer service = great positive feedback.
  6. Never slack on good customer service.
  7. Always keep track of your competition. Don’t just research them once or occasionally. Remember they are looking at you and as your business steams ahead; they are plotting and planning to take over.
  8. Be as transparent as you can with your potential customers. Don’t hide costs and describe your items clearly and honestly.
  9. Building trust builds business on eBay.
  10. Don’t spend huge amounts of money on stock and setting up.
  11. Start small and grow it slowly.
  12. The world of eBay can be complex and the best way of discovering this world is by experiencing it. If you plough in with a huge store full of lots of stock, and you don’t know about it, then you risk falling quickly on your face.


Cost of setting up tutoring service: $50

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You Can Start Your own Business OnLine

So there you have it – 7 low-cost business ideas on  – How Do You Start Your Own Business that you can get started on today. Which one of these is most appealing to you?

Give one a try.

Good luck.



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