How Much Do Bloggers Earn

When I started this blog, it was because I wanted to genuinely help people achieve their dreams by working from home.  I did not know what my potential earnings would be from this site and so I want to share with you how much do bloggers earn online.

I realized that as I got more into blogging that this really this is a huge business and normal people with virtually any background can make a lot of money from blogging.  All it takes is one website to be very successful.

Many bloggers have gone on to put a ton of professional effort into their blogs, and it’s impressive what they have been able to achieve. If you want to start your blog then click here.

Time it Takes to Earn Money how-much-do-bloggers-earn

I have spoken to a lot of bloggers and there isn’t a real answer here as it depends on how much time you put into this business, are you putting in 20 hours a week or more or less, your level of commitment to learn about blogging and your motivation level.

I have put together something as a generic time line to at least give you an idea on when you can start to see some income from blogging – this is only a rough guide.

  • 1 to 3 months – You should have many posts and hopefully at least some sales
  • 3 to 6 months – Your site is gaining ranking authority in the search engines
  • 6 to 12 months – This is where you can start to see your income grow each month
  • 12 to 24 months – Now you should be earning a decent full time income
  • 24 to 48 months – This is where you are seeing the fruits of your hard work with some serious income

How Much Do Bloggers Earn – Blogger Income Reportshow-much-do-bloggers-earn-online

How much do bloggers earn?  The blogger incomes below are all available online and what I like about them is their true transparency.  They even go in to detail a breakdown of their monthly income between say affiliate income, digital products, physical products or advertising.

Please also note that most of the sites below are aged over 2 years old and the income shown monthly.

  1. Smart Passive Income: Jan 2018 – $167,553
  2. Entrepreneur On Fire: Jan 2018 – $205,842
  3. Making Sense of Cents:   Feb 2018 – $179,139
  4. Busy Budgeter: Jan 2017 – $89,438
  5. Shout me Loud: Jul 2017 – $52,434
  6. Melyssa Griffin: Apr 2016 – $56,216
  7. So Over This: Nov 2017 – $16,156
  8. Just a Girl and Her Blog: Dec 2017 – $41,700
  9. Human Proof Designs: May 2016 – $31,315
  10. It’s a Lovely Life: Apr 2017 – $26,938
  11. Johnny FD:  Jan 2018 – $9,479
  12. Matthew Woodward: Dec 2017 – $28,429
  13. Show Me The Yummy:  Dec 2016 – $46,367
  14. Believe in a Budget:  Oct 2017 – $29,954
  15. Single Moms Income:  June 2017 – $6,648
  16. Easy Baby Life:  April 2017 – $4,310
  17. Online Business Realm: April 2017 – $5,730
  18. Treasure Gnome: Mar 2017 –  $9,750
  19. Boho Berry:  Oct 2016 – $5,199
  20. Pickled Plum:  May 2016 – $3,783
  21. Retired by 40: Dec 2016 –  $3,328.10
  22. The Frugal Millionaire Blog:  Jan 2018 – $1,737
  23. My Path To Passive Income:  Jan 2018 – $451
  24. One Hour Professor:   – Jan 2018 – $10,618
  25. Jessica Gavin:  Mar 2017 – $5,097
  26. The Bewitchin Kitchen:  Jul 2017 – $4,437
  27. Arts & Classy:  Aug 2017 – $3,364
  28. Recipe This:  Jan 2018 – $9,634
  29. This Fairy Tale Life:  Jan 2018 – $1,876
  30. Income Bully:  Feb 2016 – $1,915
  31. Gluten Free with LB:  Nov 2016 – $711.11
  32. Passive Income Trek:  $658.42
  33. Keep It Simply, DIY:  Nov 2017 – $74
  34. The Extra Income Project:  Apr 2017 – $170
  35. Living Fully And Free Nov 2016 – $451
  36. My Work Money Life:  Jul 2017 – $4

How Much Do Bloggers Earn Each Month – Updated 1 March 2018

Blogging Income Breakdown

I have found that income does not just come from affiliate links but is also made up from promoting digital products or a coaching service.




Source: Authority Hacker


Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is where most bloggers start when setting up a blog.  Just note from our research that only a portion of the site’s revenue may come from affiliate income, but as above it is not the main source of income. The main reason for that is that if you created your own product, you would make more money than if you took in an affiliate link – the margins are much higher with your own products.


You may see some income coming from ads, when your traffic increases and this will help pay for other content types such as infographics. Just remember that from our research, this method alone will not bring in huge income and you would need some serious traffic just to generate say $50,000 a month in advertisement revenue.  Blog traffic also comes with age and number of posts to name a few.

Digital Products

This is where you can make the money and ebooks are a great source of revenue. You need to make sure that you write a good 5000 to 20000 word ebook that is informative and adds value to your reader.  You can even make this a reference guide and citing facts and figures to show credibility around your topic.  Give your readers what they want.

Subscription Services

This is where people can pay a monthly fee for something that you offer. Firstly, decide on the product such as an informative newsletter, a training programe or an online video course.  Then pick a price, market and launch the service on your site.  This is a great way to keep customers and get paid on a recurring basis with your community.  In addition, you foster loyalty and become an expert in your area.   You can even offer monthly coaching sessions through Skype.

Physical Products

This has the same benefits as a subscription service but you can use physical products as an extension to your digital products. The big thing here is that you have manufacture the product and there are many bloggers who run a very successful business with their physical products such as books, CDS’s, clothes etc. that are related to your niche.

Where Do You Start

If you really want to generate a serious income from your blog, I would suggest that you start off with Affiliate marketing and then move on to creating your own products.  This is where you will accelerate your income to another level.  Click here To Start Affiliate Training. 

how-to-make-money-online-blog-incomeMake sure that you stay consistent with your routine and blog on high quality posts on a regular basis to build up your traffic to your site.

I hope that this has inspired you to take your blog to another level.

Do You Want to Start A Blog?

If you are interested in starting a blog then read this.  I hope that you have seen how much do bloggers earn as an motivation that this blogging does work.  How Much Do Blogger Earn Post.

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