How To Write an eBook Step by Step

Let me show you how to write an eBook step by step. Self-publishing for the Amazon Kindle is actually very easy.

Not only is it free, you could also receive up to 70 percent of the purchase price in royalties.

I will show you how to produce, write and publish your eBook.   Have a look at the cycle of an eBook from idea to profit.


Whilst your photographs will appear in black and white on most e-readers, they can be viewed on a wide range of other devices that have a color display, including PCs and Macs, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android-based devices.


Indie published eBooks account for 43% of all sales in 2016.  This is a huge market for people like us to produce eBooks.

Write and Prepare Your Manuscript

Firstly, let me tell you that you don’t need to spend weeks and months writing and preparing for this.

Note that eBooks are as short as 6000 words or consist of a collection of articles previously published by the author.

The hardest part of the process is writing the book.

Firstly, choose an area you want to write about.  Now each of us are different but choose something you know enough about to add value to someone.  Once you have a few ideas around your topic and then start with the title to get you focused.

You have many options on where to write your eBook and some options are:

Have a Great Title

Your title should be very clear and to the point.  I have a list that can help you build your own title.

Lets take the example, Publish Kindle eBooks as my topic.

  • How to Publish Kindle eBooks
  • Publishing Kindle eBooks – De-mystified
  • Step by Step Guide to Publish Kindle eBooks
  • The Best Guide to Publishing eBooks
  • Everything You Need to Know About Publishing eBooks
  • Proven Plan to Publish Kindle eBooks
  • The Ultimate Guide to Publishing Kindle eBooks
  • Advanced guide to Publishing Kindle eBooks
  • Art of Publishing eBooks
  • Hidden Truths About Publishing Kindle eBooks
  • Ideas for Publishing Kindle eBooks
  • 7 Days to Publish a Kindle eBook
  • How to be a Work-at-Home-MomPublishing Kindle eBooks

Coming up with a catchy title for your book would seem pretty easy compared to actually writing.  For some authors however, it can be challenging to say the least.  I have an infographic that can help you give more examples to get that perfect title.



Outline for Your eBook

Plan you eBook with the chapters and make brief notes on each chapter.  Plan, plan and plan.

My suggestion is then sit down and write out your book.  This is not easy, but you have to start and to make a first draft.

Here is a guide for you to have in your eBook:

  • A table of contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • About Author Page
  • Outline of the Chapter Headings
  • Back of the Book:
    • Appendices
    • Notes
    • Glossaries
    • Contact details

How To Write an eBook Step by Step – Create Content

Now that you have a structure of the eBook you now need to add content to your chapters.

Blog.EzineArticles have come up with how to write great articles using the How to Create Quality Content in 7 Steps graphic as a guide.




Here are my tips to get you going:

  • Plan your eBook chapters
  • Have a page on About the Author
  • Write an introduction that grabs and reader
  • Write consistently each day to build momentum
  • Open with a short sentence or a question
  • Make your paragraphs no longer than one to three sentences
  • Keep checking on the flow
  • Read your writing out aloud to make sure it makes sense
  • Follow the same format throughout
  • Add emotion to your writing
  • Keep it real
  • You can show pictures
  • Be smooth
  • Remove repetitive ideas or contradictory statements
  • Motivate, don’t lecture
  • Speak their language – easier to digest
  • Add highlights to emphasis some points
  • Keep the content essential and to the point – don’t waffle
  • Be Honest
  • Make sure you have a strong finish that grabs readers
  • Add value, add value and add more value to your readers
  • Have a Copyright page – Template
  • Lastly, do the obvious – fix spelling and grammar mistakes

Just remember that content is king.  You need to have content that your readers desires.  Create something really awesome and that you are happy to promote and people want to read it.



Cover Image – Create Easily

Most covers can be bought online and is the best way to get a cover done for you.  All you have to come up with is the colour and what image you are after.

Ask for an image that is a JPEG file and at least 2500 pixels on the longest side with a height/weight ratio of 1.6 (what Amazon recommends in their publishing guidelines).  Have a look at some of these eBook covers.


If you wanting a premade cover then go to for more covers.

Linking To Content Within an eBook

One of the great features of eBooks is that you can insert links to relevant content.

Therefore, to enhance your eBook, you can have links throughout the entire document pointing to relevant videos on your blog or website. You can not do this in a normal book and so a great feature to take advantage of.

You can even add an affiliate link!

How To Sell Kindle eBooks on Amazon

You will need to have set up an account on Amazon to start using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (you’ll need an Amazon account).

This does not take long and here are the steps:

  • Go to and sign in
  • Click “Bookshelf” and then “Add new title.”
  • Fill in the details, description, including book title and keywords you want people to search to find your book.
  • Make sure you give tax info for royalties
  • Upload the cover file (JPEG format).
  • Upload the book file.
  • Please test your book with Amazon’s online viewer to make sure it looks right.
  • Click “Save and continue” and then advance to the “Rights and Pricing” page.
  • Always choose “Worldwide Rights.”
  • I go for a 70% royalty rate and select your price, letting the international prices adjust based on the US price. Most e-books are priced $2.99-9.99 (this is what I recommend to maximize your royalty rate). Please price your book sensibly.
  • Click Save and Publish.

Amazon will email you when the book is ready, which may take 24–48 hours but often happens much more quickly.

The finished book will look good both on the Kindle and on Amazon’s site, with the listing page linked to any paperback versions of the book, an author page, and more.

You can also earn more if you allow your title to be included in Kindle Unlimited (the subscription service where users don’t pay for individual books, but to access a library of books) and Kindle Owners Lending Library – a perk for Prime subscribers.


How to Publish a Book or eBook: Other Platforms

You want to meet your potential audience wherever they are, so Barnes & Noble and Apple iBooks are both worth considering, although neither has anything like the scale of Kindle for eBooks.

Another great site to use is Gumroad because they take care of all the steps for you.


You simply upload the file to the site, give it a title and description, set a price and upload a cover image.  Gumroad then takes care of EVERYTHING else and gives you a URL that you can use to sell the eBook.

Once you link your bank account, it will direct deposit the money from all sales to your bank within two days.

Promote Your eBook

One of the most daunting aspects of self-publishing is without a doubt the marketing you have to do. With thousands of new eBooks appearing on Amazon daily, how are you going to make your eBook stand out from the crowd?

Amazon offers its own promotional tools with KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited but you can’t just rely on these tools to reach your readers.

Furthermore, what you need to do is build your own author platform. This is an umbrella term for your website, Twitter feed, Facebook page and any other communications channel you can use to shout about your eBook.

If you have a blog then this would a great way to promote your own eBook.

Start with your own author page on Amazon and then expand with other channels you can create.

How to Write an eBook Step by Step – Info-graphic

You can create and sell an eBook on amazon.



The days of waiting years to be picked and published are over. So what are you waiting for? I hope that you have learned now how to write an eBok step by step. 

For further reading then I suggest this eBook below:  




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