10 Hacks – How To Save Money On Everyday Items

If you want to save money for yourself then you need to be trying different ways to stay on a budget to cut back those costs.

You need to slash your spending bill by cutting back so that you can a little more money back in your pocket each month.

Implement these ten tips and notice the difference after a month. Are you ready?

*Disclaimer – the tips on how to save money on everyday items is not going to save you hundreds of dollars every day but if the tips are followed, it will change your mindset on spending and help you to save money where you can by doing simple things.*

1.Don’t Always Buy Brand Items

 Brand loyalty sometimes blinds us to other, cheaper options on offer.

We equate big brands with quality but this isn’t always the case.

Look at these facts when looking at generic drugs.


Generic brands do work and as are just as good.



Swap your favourite washing powder for a cheaper one and see if it does the job. Try out supermarket own brand products and see if your family notice the difference.

Sixty-eight percent said they buy private-label packaged groceries because “they simply cost less” (67% for household consumables). Similarly, 48% said store-brand packaged groceries are a “better value” than name brands (household consumables: 40%).  To try something different.


2.Make Your Own Coffee at Home

Going for the early morning Starbucks or morning coffee is another big expense we often forget about.

If you’re buying a cup every day, the accumulative cost could be staggering. Look at your potential savings.


Invest in a reusable coffee mug for when you’re on-the-go and get some good quality coffee so you can make your own at home or at the office.

One of the hardest things to do with saving money is the action and here I have found a great way to take action.

Track your spending for one month and make notes.  If you can do this then I am very sure that you would have moved forward on saving money on everyday items for sure.



3.Review Your Internet Service and Utility Bills

Try switching your internet service to another provider in order to take advantage of new subscriber deals or promotions.  Switch from one internet type to another.  Once you start to shop around, you can save money each month.

The best thing that I have done is to bundle up my services to one provider for the phone, internet and cable.  You can even do the same with the utility suppliers.

If you want to save electricity and also some money, then do check out the infographic below to see some quick tips to do so.

How to save money and electricity at home and offices

If you want to save electricity and also some money, then do check out the infographic below to see some quick tips to do so.

4.What Insurances are You paying

Shop around to find the best rates on your insurance whether it’s auto, home, life or other types of insurance. One switch can save you thousands over the year for the same coverage.  Do not get complacent with your current providers.  Look at your home insurance, contents insurance, life cover, car insurance or medical insurance premiums.

5.Gym Membership

You can save hundreds on a gym membership by taking advantage of committing to yourself to start your own exercise plan.  There are heaps of YouTube videos that you can watch while exercising at home.  A home gym is the most cost effective way of keeping fit but you really have to be motivated to keep up the routine.


An alternative is till buy a Fitness DVD or some aerobic style workouts like Pilates or Yoga.  Just by giving up the gym, can save you hundreds each year.


The surprising news about the digital revolution in book publishing is that e-books are nearly as expensive as their paper counterparts, despite the fact there are no raw materials involved.

But readers can benefit from the fact that many of the world’s favourite books, like Pride and Prejudice, Dracula and Withering Heights, are now in the public domain because they were written so long ago.

Over the next five years, the fate of the e-book is set to vary significantly by country.


I bought both of my daughters Kindle e-readers and we saved a fortune in paper books just by joining Amazon unlimited.

7.Bottled Water

We now live in an age where we are convinced that bottled water is better for us.

Yet the World Health Organisation has said there is little evidence that bottled water has any health benefits over tap water, even though it is thousands of times more expensive.


Water straight from the tap not only costs next to nothing per glass, experts say it may also be safer because of concerns about the levels of salt and contaminants in bottled water, as well as the danger of chemicals leaching into the water from plastic containers.

Drink tap water and start to save the money each month.

8.Only Pay Cash

Nowadays, most people use their credit card for everyday items.


If you really want to save money on everything you’ll ever buy, only pay with cash. It has been researched to confirm that cash discourages spending, while using a credit card encourages it.  Be accountable for what you spend and start to only use cash going forward.

9.Cook at Home

A huge dent to anyone’s spending each month is the amount spent on eating out.  Just by reducing this to say once or twice a month can substantially reduce the amount you spend each month.

What I suggest is that you also plan your meals in advance and stick to a plan.  You will save money doing this!


Consider this, eating out once a month at a nice restaurant is much more affordable than eating out once or twice a week at chain restaurants.

10.Mental Mindset

Why do I have this as a saving tip on how to save money on everyday items?  Well, it all starts with you and you need to take action to do some of the steps above.  Make it a habit and then only you will see the results build up in savings each month.  See my post on Law of Attraction to Manifest Money for further reading.


Cutting back on costs is hard, but if you look closely there are several ways that you can utilize cost savings that will work for you.

Saving money is all about being flexible. Experiment with any of the above and see what makes you feel comfortable and stick to it and see your costs and expenses go down.

How to save money on everyday items – keep it simple.

Have a look at these for more ideas on how to save money the smart way.



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