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Let me show you how I grow my accounts up to 2,000 followers every day!


Learn how to gain thousands of organic followers per month without automation, weird apps, or follow/unfollow strategies.

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Discover the exact strategies we use to gain thousands of followers per month ORGANICALLY.

What this ebook will teach you:

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How to become an influencer on Instagram

Learn how to turn a small account into a big movement with proven strategies that will make you and your brand highly influential.
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How to get in front of millions of users

Find out how we hack the algorithm to gain massive exposure on Instagram 100% free and organically.
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Secret strategies that big pages won't talk about 

Discover how other pages gain their massive following in a short amount of time with simple strategies available to anyone.
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How to go viral on Instagram

Get others to do the heavy lifting for you by understanding how to leverage viral content.

1.Know how to create a rock-solid foundation before diving head- first into creating content and trying to gain followers?

2.Discover the underground growth secrets that accounts with 1M+ followers use to gain 1000's of high-quality, targeted followers overnight?

3. Become a well-known influencer on Instagram so you can leverage your following to establish authority in your niche, get more exposure for your content, and reach more people with your message?


AND -  you probably want to do it in a way that is straight to the point, actionable, and waaaay less stressful than *hoping* it all works out.

If you’re sitting there, silently nodding your head, I know that you just need a PROVEN system for creating growth that will eliminate all the guessing and shows you, straight-up, what DOES and DOES NOT work.

Which means you’ll be able to go from “Um.. I don’t really know what I’m doing!” to “I own you, Instagram!!”. 

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Looking for Advanced Strategies - Grow up to 1,500 Followers a Day

If you’re ready to ditch the confusion and uncertainty that happens when you're trying to establish a powerful presence on Instagram…
If you’re dying to know whether or not your account and content has potential to go "viral" and reach your audience…
It’s time to stop winging it, and stop "hoping" that your account will magically have explosive growth.
You need a system that WORKS.

I offer 1 hour coaching call for $47 (cheapest coaching call for the value you get back) Let me know which of the following you would like to discuss in the hour – I am happy to go through as much as possible to help you. Here is what I can cover:

1.How to automate your Instagram posting

2.How I get on to the explore page every time

3.Any advice you need to grow your account

4.The apps that I use to make Instagram easier to use.

5.2 unknown Instagram hacks that are amazing to get new followers that I use

6.The powerlikes services results that I have had

7.How to get 600 likes for less than $30 a month!!

8.How to find the best hashtags that work

9.A review of your account and ways to optimise for maximum growth

10.3 Advanced strategies that will get you followers for free

11.What is the best software to use to help you grow


  • You Should Have Access to Instagram
  • Ideally have a smart phone
  • The coaching call will be through Skype

So How Does This Work?

It’s pretty easy, really. I’ve broken the process down into a really simple 4 step process.

  1. Make your payment below
  2. Send me an email that you have paid - patelsandip1111@gmail.com
  3. We will agree a time on Skype for a call
  4. Have a valuable coaching call!


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