Is Affiliate Marketing A Real Business?

I want to answer for you with infographics – is affiliate marketing a real business or just a scam.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that affiliate marketing is a real business not just for me but for many thousands of people around the globe.

I am not an expert of affiliate marketing because I was taught by Wealthy Affiliates and they have been around for many years and have trained over 1 million people.  I would rather let them teach you, just the way they have taught me.

What I will show you is that you too can make a real business of affiliate marketing.  Do not be afraid of affiliate marketing because it does work.  There are however, many scam sites out there and you need to steer away from these and only go to recommended sites like Wealthy Affiliates.

Just to mention that Wealthy Affiliates hold your hand right from setting up your site to content writing to social media with their training videos.  Its also free to join.

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Basics of Affiliate Marketing

With the emergence of search engines in the mid-1990’s, the internet ballooned into a massive e-commerce and information machine. Website owners were creating valuable content and providing benefits to their visitors, and these website owners wanted to be compensated for their hard work.

Affiliate Marketing is now a long established and proven online marketing method of generating sales and leads. The beauty of this business model is that you only pay out when users complete certain agreed actions or purchase products from your website.

Have a look at how affiliate marketing works and you can judge for yourself  – is affiliate marketing a real business for you?

5 Info-graphics on Affiliate Marketing Basics

Affiliate marketing can be broken in to three type of people, Publishers, Advertisers and Consumers. 



When you are starting out, TwinsMummy has come up with 4 simple tips to help fellow bloggers understand affiliate marketing.


Here are 10 great tips that you can follow when starting out in Affiliate Marketing business online.


The next sheet will explain further how you can make money with Affiliate marketing.


You can even see the top affiliate networks to join, Amazon, NeverBlue, LinkShare and more.

Do you know the differences between MLM (Muti Level Marketing) and Affiliate Marketing?  Have a look at this to help – MLM vs Affiliate Marketing.



Is Affiliate Marketing A Real Business? Income Reports

Have a look at these 12 people who are earning a real income from Affiliate Marketing.


Do you want to see more income reports from 36 different bloggers – Click Here.


One major key to success with Affiliate Marketing is patience and something unique to offer whether it is a service, product or content.

Ideally, you now have an idea that Affiliate Marketing is a real business and that you can profit from it.

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Looking for More Ways to Earn Extra Income OnLine? Do The Following!

1.Start a Blog

Starting a Blog is the best way to make money online. It’s passive income that keeps growing month after month and you can monetize it the way you want.  You can do ad placement and earn every time someone clicks on those ads, or you can sell your own eBooks, eCourses or create a “hire me” page. I’ve just started blogging and I’m loving the journey. Read more.

2.Create an eBook

Ebooks have been growing by leaps and bounds in popularity since Amazon started selling them several years ago. The good news is that they are very easy to create with Free and Open Source tools. People are earning thousands a month just by producing eBooks.  Read more.

3.Make Money With Your Hobbies

Do you want to earn some extra cash but do not know how.  Let me show you how you can start to make money just fro your hobby.     Read more.


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