Make Thousands with Blog Flipping

Do you want to find an extra source of income for yourself?

There are many opportunities online, and I want to introduce blog flipping to you that may be right up your street.make-thousands-blog-flipping4

There are now many people out there who are making thousands in flipping blogs.  I was so impressed with this that I want to share with you how you can start blog flipping.

What Is Blog Flipping? 

Blog flipping is a process of buying and selling of other people’s blogs/websites or even their domains.  This is where you buy their blog for a price and then you sell it for higher price in the market.  You need to add value to the blog such as add more posts, attract more traffic and gain authority and then you can sell it for a higher price further down the road.

The alternative is to start a brand new blog from scratch and to build authority, traffic and generate revenue. Click here if you want to Start Your own Blog. 

Where Do You Start – Blog Flippingmake-thousands-blog-flipping-2

There are two ways to make money blog flipping:

1.Buy an Existing Blog

2.Build Your Own Blog

1.Buy an existing blog.  You go out to the market place and buy a blog that someone else has created and you can visit auction sites or other sites such as Flippa.  You will be looking for the following:

  • The age of the blog/website
  • Blog statistics such as traffic each month, new visitors, countries, bounce rate
  • Revenue generated each month
  • Social Media following and statistics
  • Revenue breakdown ie Affiliate income, digital products or advertising
  • Where you can add value to increase traffic and revenue

See Post: 5 Ways on How  do Bloggers make Money OnLine

2.Build your own blog. What used to cost thousands of dollars to start a site now costs as little as $12 a year for a domain name and $2.95/month with a Bluehost account.  There’s no reason why everybody shouldn’t start their own. Quite simply, you build your blog from scratch and start to generate both traffic and revenue and then sell it on.  See Post – The best Affiliate Marketing Course.

  • Registering your domain
  • Hosting your site
  • Come up with your Niche area
  • Deciding on a theme
  • Choose your plug ins
  • Design your site
  • Start to post pages and posts
  • Set up social media
  • Create your own products or affiliate links
  • Grow the blog over a period of time

Flipping The Blog On

Once you have bought a blog that has existing traffic and revenue then comes the adding value part.

  1. Start by writing more posts and resources to the site
  2. Have a re-deign for a more fresh look
  3. Use your social media experience to drive more traffic
  4. Look for more creative ways to monitise the site ie new affiliate links or new digital products
  5. Grow the traffic to the site and this is key.

How Much Can You Make Blog Flipping – Calculate Sale Valuemake-thousands-blog-flipping3

Now to sell or buy a blog, you can go to Flippa or Empire Flipers.  There is usually a listing fee and the sale can take place within 24 hours to up to a month or so.  To be honest, the process is easy, its also fun and more importantly, you can generate a huge income for yourself.

This is where this becomes interesting.  You can make up to 30 times your monthly revenue from the blog.  As a rule of thumb and as a guide only, if a blog is over a year old it will be usually fetch around 24 x’s it monthly revenue.

For blogs that are under a year old, then you can be looking at say 12 X’s to 20 X’s its monthly revenue.

Lets say that your blog makes $1000 a month and it is over 1 year old –  then the average price for this is $24,000 – not bad.

When To Flip or Buy a Blogmake-thousands-blog-flipping5

You now have a chance to either buy a profitable blog or start your blog site to flip later on.  There are many people who are now doing this and the average time to start flipping blogs is 1-6 months but you can get more for your blog once you get over the 1 year mark.

If you are going to buy a blog then make sure that you choose a niche that you are interested in and can develop to add value.  The two most lucrative niche areas are health and lifestyle in my opinion, just incise you were wondering.

If on the other hand you are flipping a blog then just remember the two most important areas are traffic and monetization.  There are many people nowadays who start a blog but then don’t have the drive to maintain the blog and this is where you can step in and grab an opportunity.

Where to Buy or Sell A Blog

There are now many sites that have started up in this market.  I have put together a lift of 15 sites to help you.

  1. SitePoint Auctions.
  2. Sedo Auctions
  3. eBay Website Auctions
  4. Digital Point Forum
  5. NamePros
  6. Bloggeries
  7. Flippa
  8. Craigslist
  9. Twitter
  10. Buy Sell Website 
  11. Webmaster Talk Forums 
  12. Website Acquire 
  13. WebsiteBroker
  14. Buy Business
  15. Deal A Site

Sell You Blog Quickmake-thousands-blog-flipping-6

Blog flipping is a strategy used by certain online business owners.

If however, you want to sell quick, then leave lots of room for improvement on your site. Your blog is liable to get snagged up more quicker if the right person sees an irresistible price attached to a fixer-upper.

Finally – Please Do Your Homework

Rule of thumb: The higher the asking price, the more detail and documentation should be included. These numbers can and should be verified and checked. If they’re not provided, don’t be afraid to ask. It may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people take an (untrustworthy) person’s word.

Blog flipping is a great technique of making money online. The principle of blog flipping blogs lies in creating blogs or buying cheap ones, generating traffic and developing them to the highest level and once they become popular, promoting them for the higher price.

Good luck.

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