Making Money Pet Sitting

More and more people are now requesting pet sitters while they go on holiday or are busy.  Making money pet sitting can be a lucrative way to bring in some more cash.

If you happen to already have pets then this can make this business much easier and people are also much more conformable dealing with someone who also has pets.


The alternative for owners is for the pet to be put in a kennel they tend to be a pretty sterile environment and more often consist of cages and concrete walls.

People are now looking for a personal touch with their pet and hence you can now start making money pet sitting.  Just two decades ago, this profession didn’t even exist and so there is still a huge gap in the market for you.


Number of Dogs Owned in The USA – in Millions

With the correct set up and right direction you can set up a business and this is what I am going to show you.

Benefits of Pet Sitting Businessmaking-money-pet-sitting-5

Pet sitting can be rewarding and fun especially if you love animals.

  • You will be self employed
  • You are your own boss and work when you want to
  • You get to enjoy being around animals
  • You will be much fitter – looking after pets can be physically demanding
  • You get to play with animals but without having the long term ownership of pets
  • You are helping people look after their family member with love and affection

Benefits of Pet Sitting for the Pets

  • Regular exercise for the pet
  • Pets would be with a caring family – you
  • The pet is in a home environment
  • The pet has complete freedom in the home and access to the garden
  • The pet may have the company of other pets during the day
  • All their dietary requirements would be met
  • Pet sitters would do their best to stick to a routine that the pet is used to

Biggest Drawback for Pet Sitting

  • The biggest drawback to pet sitting is the trust element.  You would have to be able to convey to the owner that you are both caring and trustworthy.  This is key when starting out.

Carry Out Market Researchmaking-money-pet-sitting-6

Carry out some market research in your local area and evaluate the following:

  • What are people looking for in Pet sitting?
  • What are the market/local prices for per day?
  • Seek out local pet sitters online and see what their services are
  • Visit local shops and see adds to check out pricing for pet sitting

What Are Your Services and Pricing

There are basically four different types of services you can offer:

Day Time:

Dog walking

Pet taxi service (yes really!!)

Look after pets while the owner is away or at work


Looking after a pet at your home while owner is away

Looking after the pet at owners home

Running a Pet Sitter Business – 7 Steps

If you really want to take this seriously and make this a real business then I suggest that do the following:

1.Have Impeccable References

Either use past clients who you have had before or if you are starting out then just be yourself and be honest and inform them you are starting up.

2.Have a Legal Contract

You will initially need contracts that cover your agreements between you and your clients. As you grow, you’ll need contracts for employees or contractors.  I have a draft contract that you can download here for free – Click here.

3.First Aid for Pet

It will look good for owners to know that you are trained up in First Aid for pets – a good selling point and it shows that you are taking this seriously.

4.Get Pet Sitter Insurance

Will you be providing pet sitting in other people’s homes?  Or in-home Pet Boarding? That’s a great responsibility and so you must have the right insurance to cover you.  Customers are looking for someone who takes their job professionally and can treat their home and pets with great care.

If you are in the UK then Click Here and if you are in the USA then Click here.

5.Start a blog

Having a website blog for yourself can hugely get you ahead of the competition.  Set up a blog and start to attract traffic and then business is follow.  Put out on your website, your business offerings, locations covered, your hours, rates and your bioSee Post – How to Start a Blog.

6.Make Up Flyers And Posters

Post them in high-traffic areas, such as in grocery stores and pet shops, after getting permission from the store manager. The marketing tools should include the name of your business, your name, contact number, email address and a sentence or two about what your business offers.  You put up posters in local gyms, nurseries or at schools.

7.How To Accept Payments

Some pet sitters work on a cash or check-only basis. Others accept credit cards or PayPal. Make sure that your payment terms are clear and are in the contract between you and the pet owner.

How Much Do Pet Sitters earnmaking-money-pet-sitting-9

Here are some examples to help you:

  • The couple cleared $8,000 over the winter holidays caring for dogs, including tending to four Chihuahuas at a Brooklyn wedding
  • At Rover Pet Sitters – full-time sitters average $3,300 a month; part-timers $900; and those with just one to two stays a month about $250.
  • According to a survey from Pet Sitters International, the average income for their 7,000+ members in 2010 was $48,635 after expenses.
  • A pet sitter in Florida manages to handle about 15 to 17 pet sitting visits per day and brings in around $1200/week. That’s $57600/year. They work weekends and occasional holidays.
  • Another pet sitter in a more rural area of the US is able to do about 14 pet sitting visits per day, at around $17 each. They do not work weekends, and average around $4700/month or $57000/year.

Making Money Pet Sitting

If you are thinking about starting up a pet sitting business, then I hope that this guide can help you get started.  Making money pet sitting is a great business.  Get the word out there and start today.

You can do this.

Good luck.

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