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The Money Magnet Review – My Personal Story

I first met Marie-Claire back in 2011 and I attended her course on How to Become a Money Magnet This course really and truly changed my life at the time.  I was running two businesses at the time and once of them was property/real estate.

I kept thinking “I need help making money” and the course really helped me to attract money.

The real estate business was not doing so good due to the recent crash in 2008  and so I was looking to build on my online business. This is when I came across a very inspiring and dynamic lady Marie-Claire.


Money magnet mindset
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I am ever grateful to Marie-Claire when she asked me to be in her new book.  Thank you!!

How to Become a Money Magnet

The course that I attended is now all in the book with even more detail.

In Marie-Claire’s book, How to Become a Money Magnet, she showed her readers how to completely reinvent their relationship with money so that they could effortlessly attract more wealth and abundance into their lives.

The book is divided into three sections; Focus, Action, and Belief – or, as Marie-Claire calls it, the ‘FAB‘ principle! It will teach you how to:

  • Really clear out any remaining blocks,
  • Limiting beliefs or fears surrounding money that are holding you back,
  • Take inspired action to keep the money pouring in from every direction,
  • Truly believe that you deserve your newfound wealth so that the whole process is creative, fun and easy!

Have a look at this – top 10 ways to manifest money.


As you can see in step 5 – you need to have a great relationship with money – even if you don’t have much, love what you do have.

I Need Help Making Money – Getting Out of Debt

Marie-Claire explains that the ‘law of attraction’, which states that we attract the things we want in our lives, can be applied to money as well as ideal partners, Money-Magnet-Book-Coverchildren and dream jobs.

If we feel anxious about debt, then we’ll be sending a message to the universe that we need more anxiety and debt. To attract more money, we must give off the impression of being a wealthy person and that means letting go of worry, and feeling at ease with cash.

How to be a Money Magnet

“If you view money as a game, then it becomes fun,” reveals Marie-Claire.  Look at what you have in your bank account, and work out what you could do to double it.

Apply some creativity to your money. For example, if you’re a physiotherapist and you need to earn a large sum quickly, devise a package that gives your clients a free session if they book six months’ treatments in advance.


Come up with an idea that can add value to your clients or to your business. Then take action and let the universe work with your thoughts of creativity.

If you are still not getting any ideas of what or how to do this then please follow the next few steps that will definitely help you.

How to Attract More Money…In Six Surprising Ways

1. Get playful.
Imagine you won millions in the lottery. Write down how you would spend it. This will give you a clue about what you really want from life. Having a vision of what you would do with the money is a far more powerful way of attracting money than just focusing on the cash itself.

2. Know your money.
Go through all your accounts, bank books, files and paperwork and see how much money you have. Next, work out how much you spend per year. See where savings can be made. Many of us have standing orders that we set up and forget about. Experiment, and pay cash for everything for a week. When you hand over cash for items, it seems far more real than paying by card.

3. Clear your clutter.
To have more money, you need to create space and make way for new energy. Look at the areas of your life that are cluttered. It may be your handbag or briefcase, your inbox, your bedroom or your office. Every time you see them, they will sap your energy. Get to work and get rid of anything that you don’t love, find useful or keep tidy.


4. Save money.
If you don’t have a savings account, start by putting coins into a jar. Just doing this will start to retrain your mind. Look at ways you can save money on everyday things – take a packed lunch to work instead of eating in restaurants, or a flask of coffee instead of buying three lattes a day.

You can even use a Budget App to help you manage your funds on a weekly or monthly basis.


5. Write a cheque.
Write yourself a cheque for the amount you want to receive, then pin it up where you will see it regularly. Your subconscious thoughts are influenced by what the subconscious mind sees, so something such as a cheque is perceived as real. Similarly, collect images of how your life would be if you had more money, pin them on a vision board and put it in a place where you see it every day.

You can use this cheque from The Secret – print it off and then write in the blanks your amount that you desire.


6. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Don’t focus your energy on things that aren’t good in your life. When you have a ‘poor me’ or “I need help making money” attitude, you will attract even more bad luck. Instead, think of yourself as a lucky person and see what riches come your way. Start the day happy, and imagine how you would feel if you had achieved one of your goals. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Find positives where you once would’ve found only negatives.

Next Steps

Give the above try and I can assure you from first-hand experience, this was another great turning point in my life.  Whenever, you say to yourself, “I need help making money” then go through the above steps or if you fancy a read then Buy Money Magnet Mindset book.

Have a Look at:  How To Become A Money Magnet.Buy-From-Amazon

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